Jennifer Hageney-Know about Her Dating History/Family/Career

Jennifer Hageney is a responsible mother of three biological kids after marrying a famous actor named Andrew Shue. Though she is a celeb due to her growing relationship with this renowned actor, she is a simple woman. She is reticent and she does not want to reveal her details. She is American by nationality. Through a short bio of Jennifer, you will come to know about her birth date, family background, relationship, and zodiac sign. She is a cute married lady who is modest and elegant. 

Who Is Jennifer Hageney?

Jennifer Hageney is a professional flower designer who is also the ex-wife of a blockbuster Hollywood superstar. She has raised three kids even after the legal separation from her hubby. She is now 52 years old woman who lives with her family. 

Jennifer Hageney and Her Birth Date 

Jennifer Hageney is an elite woman who is proud of being a partner of Andrew Shue. She is a flower designer who earns her livelihood. This lady was born in 1970 and her age is now 52 years. She spent her early childhood days in New York City. She completed her schooling at a local school. 

Personal Relationship of Jennifer Hageney

Jennifer Hageney started dating Andrew Shue in 1995. After a year of fantastic hot romance, both agreed to the marriage. They were married to begin a new life. She gave birth to three kids who are biological children of Andrew. Their names are Nathaniel (Nate) Shue, Aiden Shue, and Wyatt Shue.

Tragic Incident 

Nathaniel (Nate) Shue is the first son of Jennifer. She was found in a pitiable condition due to the sudden death of her first son. He met a road accident while riding in his black pickup. Jennifer Hageney accident is a tragic event but she survives in an adverse situation. She overpowers all hurdles coming on her way. 

Tragic End in Relationship of Jennifer Hageney

Jennifer Hageney

The twists and turns in human relationships are quite unforgettable for couples. When Jennifer was engaged in a romantic tryst with Andrew Sue, she dreamt of starting a glossy romantic life. It would be colorful and long-lasting. However, in 2008, after a 13-year-long conjugal relationship, they planned to go for legal separation. They were not happy to stay together under a single roof any longer.

Reason of Separation 

Why did the couple decide to separate? There is no clear-cut answer from the family representative. However, this painful divorce caused damage to the relationship and Jennifer took the custody of her three kids. People are unaware of the specific causes of the legal separation between Jennifer and Andrew Shue. 

About Andrew Shue

Andrew Shue is an American performer acting on TV channels. Billy Campbell in Melrose Place, a popular TV show is a household character to attract TV viewers. This character is played by Andrew Shue. He is a versatile actor. After spending 13 years of marriage life with Jennifer, he left his ex-wife. Later he was married to another lady named Amy Robach, the television anchor. They were happy until 2022. After spending happy conjugal life, they went for mutual separation in 2022. 

Andrew Shue had a secret to reveal about his dating. Earlier, he spent a few days dating a cute girl named Courtney Thorne Smith. She was a co-TV presenter whom he proposed, Their love affair started from 1991 to 1992. 

Information Which You Do Not Know 

Andrew Shue was a famous TV actor and he enjoyed his romantic life. He was popular among women. However, he is also a good social reformer to contribute his money to charity shows, child rehab, and mothers. He worked with CaféMom, a genuine site for mothers to give financial support and inspiration to women conceiving. He finances this organization as well. 

Andrew as a Sportsman

Andrew is a powerful man who is dear to million people for his excellent acting. He is also a good dater to make a romance with cute ladies like Jennifer Hageney. While making fun to keep himself free of tension, he was seen playing football. He joined the local football team as a soccer player. However again he shifted his interest from the athletic world to the entrepreneurial conglomerate for expanding his business. 

What about Jennifer Hageney after Divorce?

Though her-ex husband dated Amy, a TV presenter, she planned to remain single. She was busy and engaged to take care of her three little children. She was associated with floral industry and floriculture to build up her professional career. In between, she lost Nate- her first biological son in a road accident. She fights with hard reality but she is bold and elegant to stand firm in adversity. 

Quick Bio of Jennifer Hageney

Full NameJennifer Hageney
Date of BirthDecember 24, 1970
Age52 years old
BirthplaceNew York City
OccupationFloral Designer
MarriageOctober 7, 1995 – 2008 (divorced)
Ex-HusbandAndrew Shue
ChildrenNathaniel (Nate) Shue, Aiden Shue, Wyatt Shue

What Is the Net Worth of Jennifer Hageney?

Jennifer Hageney is a florist who sells flower bouquets and floral artifacts at competitive prices. She is a professional and experienced flower designer. However, she earned around $300,000 in her short professional career as a flower designer. Usually, a professional flower designer earns approximately $26,000 per year. It is not sufficient for him to run the family happily.

Jennifer is a little bit more upgraded and richer. Andrew transferred some proceeds to her account for earning a livelihood and running various rehab campaigns. Andrew has a net worth asset amounting to $150 million. Some portions of his earnings go to rehab campaigns like CaféMom and Do Something. Maybe, Jennifer has saved some amount to increase her credit score.

Where Is Jennifer Hageney Now?

Jennifer Hageney is not a celebrity but she is an ordinary florist. She prepares flower ornaments and bouquets. Her low profile is a minus point. She is not recognized and popular among social media fans. It is assumed that she has no social media account with million fans to post gigs and photos. It is not clear whether she is now in New York City or in any other place. However, many thanks to her as she struggles alone to raise and educate her children. 

Unknown Facts about Jennifer’s Husband and His Second Relationship 

Love, often, betrays someone. After breaking into a relationship, Jennifer’s hubby chose Amy as his second partner. She was a co-star working with him. The relationship was sweet and reinforced. They went to Church for engagement and marriage at the final stage of their romantic dating. However, in between, many awkward events took place to surprise family members of Jennifer.

Andrew has already recognized three kids who are biological children of Jennifer. Their son and daughters grew up fast to become mature. The breakthrough came with the arrival of a stepmother. Jennifer’s children took a longer time to accept step-siblings named Ava and Anailse. They are biological kids of Amy. 

As time proceeded, two family members tried to ease the situation. However, vengeance, love, betrayal, and brutality co-exist to test humans. Amy was involved in another illicit love affair. She had a hidden romantic tryst with T.J. Holmes. This scandal was leaked to put Andrew and his family in perplexity. He was not ready to accept this caustic truth. Amy betrayed Andrew. However, Ava and Analise understood the fault of their mother and they preferred their step-siblings. They showed veneration and love towards Nate and other siblings (biological children of Jennifer).


Jennifer Hageney is a simple woman who earns her livelihood decently. She is also the ex-wife of a popular American TV star and social reformist. Andrew is her ex-partner but the relationship was broken in 2008. She is now in a group including her three mature sons and daughter. She is not a millionaire but she knows how to face the situation boldly. 


Q: Who is Jennifer Hageney?

A: Jennifer Hageey is a floral designer but she is also an ex-wife of a popular TV artist named Andrew.

Q: Who is Amy?

A: Amy is the second partner of Andrew whom Jennifer dated. She married him after his separation from Jennifer.

Q: What is the reason for the Break-up in the dating relationship of Amy?

A: Amy and Andrew were separated in 2022 after 12 years of marriage. Amy was accused of an unlawful relationship growing with another dude.

Q: Who is Nate?

A: Nate is the biological son of Jennifer. He met with an accident and he expired.

Q: Where is Jennifer now?

A: Jennifer is a less important character. She is a local flower designer. People do not bother to know about her personal life.

Q: Who are Ava and Analise?

A: Ava and Analise are the biological children of Amy.

Q: What is the net worth of Andrew Shue?

A: Andrew Shue has a net worth of $150 million. He is also a philanthropist to finance a number of rehab camps.

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