Celebrating Festivals When You Are Far From Home

Festivals are a major part of our life, and we cannot live without socializing. Festivals unite us and give us the chance to meet our friends and family. India is a country of festivals. Every month we have some or another festival lined up. It is the benefit of living in a country which is rich in culture. 

But due to work, we all have to move from our hometown to some foreign land and that compels us to celebrate festivals away from home. On top of that due to this covid pandemic situation, we are forced to stay away from each other. 

But as we all know adversity leads to inventions. So we have found ways for this as well. If you are living away from family due to any kind of circumstances and miss the fun of celebrating festivals then you should read this article for some ideas on how you can celebrate festivals when you are far away from your home. 

Sending gifts

Gifts are a very essential part of each festival. It is a must-having ritual. Gifts aren’t meant to be expensive but they should be something that makes a person feel special. You can send gifts to your loved ones at festivals to put a smile on their face and while shopping for these gifts I am sure you will get those festival vibes. Spare some time to buy thoughtful gifts for your family and friends. Don’t pressurize yourself but do it because you want to do this. I am sure you will also receive gifts from your loved ones. These days with the availability of shopping and gifting websites it has become even easier to order gifts just in one click. You can send flowers to Gurgaon via online delivery services. You can send sweets, desserts, or any other gifts according to the festival and the recipient.

Video call

It might seem nostalgic and sad on the day of a festival when you are away from home. But technology has made things easier. You can do a video conferencing with your friends and family on the day of the festival and celebrate it together. Enjoy virtual dinners and lunch together. If you are a bachelor then you can ask your mother what all rituals are to be done on the day of the festival and try doing that on your own and then celebrate the festival virtually with your family. 

Visit local market

Every city has a local market and it vibes differently during festivals. Visiting these local markets will make you feel good and you will get to know more about how people of different cultures celebrate festivals. It will be able to explore a different culture and have a better outlook towards many things. 

Decorate your house

To feel the festival vibe you can decorate the place you live. Whether it is your hotel, apartment or room, make sure you try to do something different in terms of decoration. You can light candles, put on fairy lights, use flowers and other decorative things to give your place a festival vibe.

Plan a get-together

Being in a different city or country away from home is not easy but if you have friends and colleagues who are as genuine as you then you all can have a great time together. You can plan a get-together at your place or somewhere outside and celebrate the festival together. Even if the people around you are of different cultures it’s great to mingle with them and learn about their festivals. You can send flowers online to your friends and colleagues. 

I hope this article has helped you in some way. I know it is not easy to stay away from home, especially during festivals and nothing can replace family presence. But we need to find ways to stay happy, so try out these things when you feel out of place during festivals. 

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