Dwayne Carter iii- Quick Bio Including Dwayne’s Wiki Birth/Age/ Personal Lifestyle

Dwayne Carter III is another Afro-American youngster whose parents are celebrities. He is the son of a renowned singer and rapper. Lil Wayne is one of the best singers with creativity in the domain of music composing. Sarah Vivan is considered to be Dwayne Carter iii mom. In this article, you will come to know about the personal lifestyle, family, and career of this 14-year-old young boy trying hard to become much sought after. 

Who Is Dwayne Carter iii?

Dwayne Carter iii is a fortunate boy who is the legal heir of Lil Wayne. Being a child, he is engaged in various funny activities like basketball playing. If he is not a musician, he must be a good basketball player.

About Lil Wayne – A Brief-up

Dwayne Carter iii

The exact name of Lil is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. The confusion frustrates others when they address them by name. This naming alignment and similarity puts fans in perplexity. This noted rapper was born in 1982. He is considered to be a multi-skilled hip-hop singer and musician. His bloodstream runs through the vein of his son named Dwayne Carter III. Dwayne Carter, a 14-year-old boy, has the regality to think of being the son of a celebrity father. Lil Wayne Dwayne Carter iii are great media influencers and well-wishers.

Dwayne Carter III – Summary of His Bio

Full NameDwayne Carter III
Born Date22 Oct, 2008
Age14 years
Lucky Number2
Lucky StoneGarnet
Lucky ColorPurple
Best MatchCapricorn, Cancer, Pisces
CountryUnited States of America
Birth PlaceCincinnati
EthnicityAfrican American
FatherLil Wayne
MotherSarah Vivan

Family Background of Dwayne Carter iii

Dwayne Carter iii grew up under the care of Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan. The confusion starts when Dwayne and Wayne Carter communicate with friends. Who is Junior Carter? To remove rumors, Wayne admits that his name is Wayne Carter Junior and his son is Dwayne Carter III. 

Date of Birth of Dwayne Carter iii

Dwayne Carter iii is now 14. He was born way back on 22 October 2008. At Christ Hospital located in Cincinnati, this young boy was delivered by Sarah Vivan. His birth is a little controversial. Many sources claim that his parents are not legally married. They lived together and gave rise to this energetic young boy. Their son is sportive and talented. For this reason, people have a cloud of doubt over their identity of Dwayne. None knows when this young lad was born.

Dwayne Carter III Follows His Dad – Is It True?

Dwayne Carter III is not only a sport enthusiastic person but he has an interest in music. He has lent his voice to sing popular songs. Dailyloud magazine appreciates this multi-talented boy. He indeed follows his father who is also a hip-hop rapper. 

What Is the Reason for Dwayne’s Popularity?

Dwayne Carter III has an awesome lifestyle. By birth, he belongs to the family where Lil Wayne was born. Lil is a superstar. He is a rapper with affluence and higher social status. This is the prime reason for his popularity. He became a cynosure of attraction due to his relationship with Lil. It is natural and true that he is the only son of Lil Wayne.

Dwayne Carter III and Marriage Life of Lil Wayne 

Dwayne Carter III is the son of a famous rapper. Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan are the parents of this talented boy. According to social media reports and gigs, Lil Wayne was in dating to continue communicating with Toya Johnson. The pre-matured love did not get air to water to bloom. After ending the relationship, Lil decided to date Vivan. 

Critics claim that Vivan is not a legal wife to Lil. They lived together without any proof of marriage. The love triangle gets complicated. In between, Lil changed several partners in Cincinnati. The affinity with Nivea and then Trina made him a hot sweetheart. This rapper plays with girls coming on his way. There is another woman who entered the scene to win the heart of Lil Wayne. Christina is the iconic figure who hankers after him till successful marriage. Lil Wayne has spent a lot of time facing controversies and rumors. Literary speaking, he has mastery over the art of romance. 

Dwayne Carter III and His Siblings

Lil Wayne, the noted hip-hop rapper cum singer, is one of the most successful celebs in America. The personal relationship and romance are however tumultuous to embarrass him. After the break up with Toya Johnson, he approached to date some celebs in different professional domains.

The outcome is complicated as Toya Johnson gifted Reginae. This girl was born in 1998. Toya was just a high school girl whom Lil dated. After their separation from Toya, he proposed to Sarah Vivan. Toya again opted for another partner named Armon Warren.

Another sibling who has appeared to share parental love with Dwayne is Kameron. Lauren London and Lil Wayne are the biological parents of Kameron. Then, another sibling claimed his biological birthright. During a romantic journey with 

Nivea, Lil was lucky to have a fantastic cute baby named Neal. The complexity is a feature of the Wayne family. In between, Dwayne got a chance to live with a half-sibling named Essence. She is the baby girl of Vivan. 

Dwayne’s Father Comments about His Love Matrix

Love is the best part of life. You should welcome it. Romance is everlasting without an end. You must worship the god who empowers you to love and love. Lil Wayne has made so many comments regarding dating. In a press release, he said that he received the warmth of love so many times to feel surprised.

Some excerpts from his quoted speech are given to measure his fatherhood and love. “There’s nothing better than that, period — being a father. I’ve done so many things…I don’t get any joy like the joy I get being a father. Simple things like helping my daughter with her homework. Simple things like putting my sons to sleep.”(direct quotation without changing anything ).

He is a good father at the same time. He dated several times and fathered more than two children from different marriages. One thing is common he does all simple things like pampering babies, spoon feeding, and playing with newborn kids. Here, he is the loveliest father for them. They should not regret that their dad is very harsh. He is so kind-hearted, lenient, and cool towards all kids. 

Dwayne Carter III and His Schooling 

Dwayne Carter III is young and he should study to be educated. However, till now, there is no update about his elementary schooling. Dewayne Carter III excelled in his schooling, earning top grades and standing out as a promising young scholar.

Dwayne Carter III- is He a Social Media Influencer?

Right now, none avoid social media platforms. Even celebs hit popular social media portals for posting gigs and photos. Dwayne Carter III is not an exception. His Instagram account is something like that @yxngtune prefixed with his name. That is Dwayne@yxngtune——. To meet him on this virtual social media platform, you need to visit his timeline. Another source confirmed that this young celeb opened an account on TikTok. 

How Much Does Dwayne Earn?

Their net worth of Dwayne is zero as he is a growing lad. He has to depend on his parents. However, Lil Wayne is a rich and powerful celeb whose net worth touches $150 million. Dwayne Carter III worked tirelessly to earn his success, demonstrating unwavering determination and dedication in his pursuits.


Dwayne Carter III is a lovely young boy whose age is approximately 14. To top it all, he is the son of Lil Wayne – the celebrity- the music maestro. Certainly, he will be among others working hard for being a great personality with the rare skill to prove. He has the talent and he should preserve patience to utilize his skill for a better outcome. 


Q: Who is Dwayne Carter III?

A: Dwayne Carter III is the son of a popular American rapper named Lil.

Q: Why Is Dwayne Carter III Popular?

A: Dwayne Carter III is not a local boy but he is proud of being born to Lil Wayne.

Q: What Is the ethnicity of Dwayne Carter III?

A: Dwayne Carter III is Afro-American by ethnicity.

Q: What is the goal of Dwayne Carter III?

A: Dwayne Carter III always imagines higher expectations. He is not weak and pessimistic. Rather it is better to say that he has the bold optimism overdrive to become a renowned musician. If not, certainly he will be a basketball player.

Q: Who is the mother of Dwayne Carter III?

A: Dwayne Carter III has a cute mother named Sarah Vivan.

Q: What is the real name of Dwayne’s father?

A: Lil Wayne is a professional rapper. He has earned numerous accolades and rewards. Lil is his alias name or a pen name. His original Christian name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.

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