Roberta Paulsen Wikipedia and the reason behind her death

The turmoil was created in Ottawa because a protestor died named Roberta Paulsen, and people became interested in reading about the matter on the internet. If you do not know that Ottawa has protested for a few months against the limitations imposed across the country because of the spread of Covid-19, and the vaccination was required in the country. 

You must go down the page to know how people protested against the ruling party and authorities. 

Unknown Facts: Roberta Paulsen

  • Name: Roberta Paulsen.
  • Date of Birth: Yet it is unknown.
  • Place of Birth: Yet it is unknown.
  • Age: Yet it is unknown.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Zodiac Sign: Yet it is unknown.
  • Career: Yet it is unknown.

The reason behind death: Roberta Paulsen

The protesters continued to oppose the opposition to the police line; the police authorities sent a group of Mount police to prevent further damage and decrease the protest and maintain city law discipline. Everything was done to keep place between police officers and protesters. Scroll down to know more.

Life and Family: Roberta Paulsen

  • Mother: Yet it is unknown.
  • Father: Yet it is unknown.
  • Marital Status: Yet it is unknown.
  • Spouse: Yet it is unknown.
  • Boyfriend: Yet it is unknown.
  • Children: Yet it is unknown.
  • Sister: Yet it is unknown.
  • Brother: Yet it is unknown.
  • Body Measurement: Yet it is unknown.
  • Weight: Yet it is unknown.
  • Height: Yet it is unknown.

Education: Roberta Paulsen

  • Primary School: Yet it is unknown.
  • College: Yet it is unknown.
  • Qualification: Yet it is unknown.

Like and Habits: Roberta Paulsen

  • Favourite Sport: Yet it is unknown.
  • Favourite Place: Yet it is unknown.
  • Favourite Song: Yet it is unknown.
  • Favourite Movie: Yet it is unknown.
  • Favourite Food: Yet it is unknown.
  • Work Time: Yet it is unknown.
  • Physical Workout Time: Yet it is unknown.

Net Worth: Roberta Paulsen

  • Approximately $70K – $80K per month.

How she died? : Roberta Paulsen

According to the Ottawa police authorities, the protesters harmed a police service animal by throwing a bicycle on the leg. The officer detained the suspected person for the above crime. The case was filed after four days to take an unprecedented step to formulate an emergency step to end the blockade of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. All of this started when the government announced that all truck drivers crossing Canada and US borders would have to accept the Coronavirus vaccine. 

A video of police horses is currently roaming on the internet. According to the report, a police officer of the horse was known as “Freedom Convoy” through a group of Canadian protesters, because they continued to appear against the government’s Covid-19 limitations and Vaccine mandates in Ottawa.

In a video sent to Twitter, roberta paulsen ottawa police officers push their way through the crowd and overriding two people with their horses. When horses trampled the protesters, then a large group of people came forward with their help. They just stomped the woman, Videographer clearly says that it is heard well, “Completely trampled the Lady.” Protesters tend to behave more aggressively with the police line, Ottawa Police Department posted on Twitter.

According to the police, a bicycle was thrown into an officer’s legs. A person was arrested on charges of injuring a police service animal with the purpose. The Ottawa Police were contacted by the news outlet for comments on this topic. According to a spokesman, no protesters were trampled.

“We are not aware of any protesters being crushed by the police horse,” said the mouthpiece.   The Canadian flag entered backdropped in protest of police officers. According to the authorities, more than 100 people were arrested on Friday evening, and more than two dozen vehicles were towed. 


Roberta Paulsen died at a protest rally in Canada. This protest was formed because of the COVID-19 vaccination, and I was trying to collect as much information as possible. I hope, you can get a lot of unknown information from this article.

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