When Do You Equifax Credit Freeze and How to Lift Credit Freeze?

Equifax credit freeze is a common process of deactivating or blocking the credit card for security purposes. The risks of online shopping and bank transactions increase to raise concerns. Your credit cards may be leaked or hacked by a third party to move your financial resources to another ghost account. Therefore, if necessary, you can freeze your active credit by using the Equifax credit bureau. Experian and Transunion are two credit bureaus to give you authentic information about your current credit history. 

Why Do You Choose Equifax Credit Freeze?

Equifax credit freeze is an option for people to protect their bank details and financial accounts. Sometimes, due to the data leakage, hackers try to hack your credit information. It is not a problem for a professional hacker to steal your confidential details.

Through the Equifax credit freeze option, you can keep your credit card information inaccessible to a third party. None will be able to disturb you by unblocking the Visa or Rupay credit card number to have the current status. Equifax is the higher authority to hold the legal power to activate and deactivate the credits based on the request of the cardholders. 

Impact of Credit Freeze Equifax

Credit freeze Equifax reduces the risk of being hacked by professional hackers. A credit card is used for buying luxurious products online. You are not required to pay in cash. While visiting any local storefront, you can swipe your credit card at the storefront depot. Your payment will be adjusted. During short or long trips, it is easy to use your credit cards to have soft drinks.

You can purchase bottles of health drinks by swiping your credit cards on the bus or train. Book your online air tickets and pay your bills at the shopping malls. Due to the credit card freezing, you can’t make the purchases either online or at the local stores. However, your credit history is protected from online theft and fraudulence. 

Least Difficulty to Access Data 

While blocking your credit cards temporarily, you have the least difficulty accessing your credit history from the AnnualCreditReport.com site. You have to provide your authentic information including your name, mobile number, credit card details, and addresses to restore your credit history during the freezing period. However, a third party is not allowed to decode or jailbreak your credit history to have the information. 

How to Equifax Credit Freeze Lift?

When you think of lifting the blockage of your credit card, you should follow the rules. Formalities are less complicated and easy. Equifax credit freeze lift empowers account holders to access their credit history and use it the same way. However, he or she has to abide by several formalities to lift the temporary credit freezing. 

By Sending an Email 

By sending an email to the right address of your credit bureau, you can ask the Equifax authority to unblock the credit gateway. You need to type the Gmail or company’s email address completely without typos. Email is the fastest way of sending the text to the authority. In the email, you need to give your detailed information with the request for credit unfreezing. 

By Giving Social Security Number to Unfreeze Credit

Equifax has its official website for helping customers solve their problems regarding credit card issues. By visiting the website, you should complete the online form by giving your social security number. You will be given a tracking number to have the password such as” myequifax” account. This password is captcha-protected. The benefit is that you do not have to provide the PIN. 

By Calling 888-298-0045

The fact is that emergency forces you to take prompt measures to stop credit use. If you track the hands of hackers to affect your credit history, just make a call at 888-298-0045. The Equifax representatives will execute your request to freeze the credit account. In that case, your voice can be recorded for security and quality assurance purposes. 

Does Equifax Freeze Credit Affect Your Credit Score?

Many do not know that their credit scores are not at risk in the event of Equifax freeze credit. When you decide to prevent online encroachment to shift your confidential account details, you must have the legal option to block your credit number. The powerful software detects the entry of any unknown email address, phone number, or message to use the credit information.

Your account is frozen by the credit bureau till the next order to unblock the credit cards. Equifax has online data screening to detect the third party which tends to hack the credit history. Your credit scores are not affected or changed even if you do not lift the card freezing. 

Freeze Credit Equifax- How Long Does It Take?

Freeze credit Equifax for a limited time frame. Equifax holds the power to fix the time limit for card freezing. If you complete the online formalities to block your credit report, Equifax takes 24 hours to block the credit history. In the case of sending a mail to the Equifax authority for card freezing, this credit bureau must take the initiative to do the credit freezing within 3 working days. 

Check Online Free Demos

People can check online demos to see how the credit report/history is blocked. Step-by-step credit freezing takes place systematically. However, due to the sudden internet downtime, and technical issues, maybe the process is kept on hold. Restarting the system, begin the credit freezing process as usual. The server stores your previous details. 


Q: What is credit freezing?

A: Simply credit freezing is a process of blocking the credit history temporarily.

Q: What is Equifax?

A: Equifax is the credit bureau to manage the credit history.

Q: What are the other two credit bureaus?

A: Except Equifax, there are Experience and TransUnion.

Q: Does your credit score go down due to freezing?

A: Your credit scores are unchanged even if you block your credit history.

Q: What are the advantages of credit freezing?

A: Credit freezing is required to block the theft and hacking tendency.

Q: How to freeze credit?

A: By online process, you can deactivate your credit or you can send a mail to Equifax to freeze credit. Even you can call the authorities for fast credit freezing.

Q: How long does Equifax take time to freeze your credit?

A: It takes a day for online credit blocking whereas it completes card blocking within 3 working days if you send a request by mailing.

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