How to Make a Room Look Expensive – 10 Effective Ways

No matter how much you spend on decorating your home. If you live in an area having high real estate prices, you might need to think effectively and creatively to make your space feel more luxurious. Adding a little bit of extra storage space can make a room look expensive. We’re not talking about just putting in more storage. We are talking a lot more about adding storage that’s actually more useful.

The most efficient way of storing things in your home is by putting them in a storage box. You can also put things into a closet or in the garage. If you have a garage that is too small, consider adding an additional storage area.

Apart from adding storage boxes, there are plenty of amazing and effective ideas to make your room look luxurious and more expensive. In this article, you’ll find those effective ways to add depth to your room.

If you’re looking to add a sophisticated touch to your home without spending much, there are some easy ways to do that. By making small changes and additions, you can create a space that looks and feels luxurious without breaking the bank. Here are some effective tips to get you started.

1. Add Some Accessories

Artwork can help give your room a sense of style and personality. If you’re looking to add some accessories to your room and want to improve the interior design, consider adding a few pieces of art. Apart from artwork, you can also try and add shelves, TV units, beautiful corners, floor lamps, etc., to make your room look expensive.

2. Paint the walls

If you want to incorporate an easy way to make your room look expensive, then painting the walls might be the perfect solution for you. You can invest in quality paint colours that give your room a smooth and elegant look. This will instantly transform your room into something much more luxurious.

3. Incorporate metallics

Adding gold or silver accents will give your space an elegant and expensive look. Resembling the look, colour, texture, and pattern of real gold and silver, these accents give your room a luxurious touch.

4. Use high-quality materials to Make a Room

Opt for materials that look and feel luxurious, like silk, velvet, or leather. These add visual interest to your room and make it look expensive and luxurious.

5. Hang Pictures Around the Room

If you’re looking to make your room look bigger and more expensive, hang pictures around the room. It will give an illusion of a larger & expensive space. You can even invest in wall mural art that is made of natural stones to give a unique look to your room.

6. Buy an Extra Bed or Chair

If you’re looking to make your room look even more expensive, consider buying an extra bed or chair. These items are often sold at thrift stores or garage sales, so you don’t have to spend megabucks.

7. Put A Mirror to Make a Room

Mirrors aren’t just used for vanity purposes; they also help people see better when they’re getting dressed. This means that mirrors can be helpful in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms as well. You can place one above the kitchen sink and another by the mirror itself.

8. Add a statement piece of furniture to Make a Room Look Expensive

A piece that makes a bold visual impact will instantly make your room look more expensive. Adding quality furniture, dining tables, and wall shelves make your room look expensive, and at the same time, they are affordable too.

9. Bring Nature Inside

A few well-placed plants can add a natural touch to any room. These plants will bring a natural feel and sophistication to your room.

10. Keep it simple for Make a Room

A clean and uncluttered space will always look more expensive than a cluttered one. So, if you don’t want to invest in anything, keep your room uncluttered and clean.


These are some of the ideas that will make your room expensive and add a touch of elegance to it. You don’t have to invest in something big. Just a few small additions can do wonders.

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