Desert Safari Dubai – Exciting Desert Safari Adventures

Which desert safari Dubai do you think is the best? A memorable desert safari in Dubai, complete with a, camel rides, BBQ feast and live entertainment from, fire shows, belly dancers, Tanoura dance and more. All this tour guides by a well-trained, safe desert safari driver in a 4×4 vehicle (typically a Toyota Land cruiser).

A Safari in The Dubai Desert 

After that you’ll head to the Al Lahbab red sand desert region, also called The Big Red, for an evening of camel riding, camel racing, and other desert activities. When they get to the Dubai Desert Dunes, a group of cars will form a convoy. They will then do dune bashing and sand skiing.

During your time on Desert Safari Dubai, you can enjoy belly dancing, Tanoura, Egyptian folklore, a horse dance show, a fire show, and (Sheesha) smoke from flavored Aromatic Arabic smoking pipes. At the Barbecue Buffet dinner, there will be delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and Jain meals on request. There will also be fresh fruits and Arabic sweets.

People often think that people with health problems, pregnant women, or young children, can’t go on dune bashing. Our backup cars can take these people right to the campsite. where they can relax and enjoy the sights of the desert at their own pace while waiting for the rest of the group to finish dune bashing, they can have a great BBQ in the desert while watching live acts, so there’s no reason to stop them from having fun at the camp.

Dream Safari in The Morning in Dubai

Morning safari in the desert A trip across Dubai’s desert gives tourists just the right amount of adventure. The desert safari trip leaves early in the morning from any place in Dubai. We have the best Desert safari with the highest sand dunes and the most exciting 4×4 Land Cruiser rides. After that, we’ll take you to a Bedouin camel farm where you can ride camels and try out our sand surfing gear.

Dubai Private Desert Safari

If you book a private desert safari in Dubai, you can decide when to leave, how intense the trip will be (from mild to wild), and how it will go. A private safari in Dubai includes exciting dune drives at the Big Red, camel rides, a BBQ dinner, belly dancing, Tanoura, and more.

Overnight Safari in The Dubai Desert

A safari in the desert with a campout one of the best parts of every trip to the United Arab Emirates is a desert safari in Dubai. After a tasty barbecue in the middle of the desert, you can camp out under the stars. At night in Dubai, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert.

Desert Safari with VIPs In Dubai

The VIP desert safari in Dubai will start at 3:30 or 4:00 pm and will pick you up from their hotels, homes, the Dubai cruise terminal, the Dubai Airport Terminal, the DWC terminal, or any other designated meeting point.

We’ll start with a fun activity called “dune bashing,” then go sandboarding and stop at a camel farm. After watching the sunset over the tallest dune, we’ll head to the Campsite for a traditional Bedouin feast with appetizers, a main dish, a BBQ, and desserts.

There will be live performances of belly dancing, the Tanoura dance show, and other regional entertainments and Arabian customs. This safari trip is for you if you want to impress your guests with our VIP services or if you don’t have time to wait in line for the Buffet BBQ and other activities like camel rides, henna tattoos, and Sheesha (The water pipes)

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Desert Dubai Barbecue

Dinner in the desert is BBQ. Guests looking for a laid-back desert vacation can find it in Dubai, where they can enjoy a magnificent BBQ dinner, camel rides, henna tattoos, Sheesha pipes, sandboarding, and more, all while watching belly dance and Tanoura performances in a traditional Bedouin tent.

At The Planet Adventure Dubai tours, you can get BBQ, main courses, fresh salads, and Arabic desserts. You can also get some unique souvenirs in our Bedouin tents, like a photo with a falcon on your arm, sand art, and much more.

When you book a BBQ dinner in the desert of Dubai, we can pick you up from your hotel, apartment, cruise terminal, airport, or any other place you agree to at the time of booking. This will happen around 5:30 pm in a 4×4 land cruiser and take you straight to our Bedouin camp.

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