Why Concrete Choice Matters

When it comes to construction, concrete is essentially indispensable. It is the one material that is used in unity around the world when it comes to construction. While they may be other materials such as wood or bricks, concrete still rules the roost. There are many reasons behind this and  Concrete Supplier London itself has a huge history that not many are aware of. It is a common misconception that it is a modern invention. Although modern concrete does, indeed, have a modern touch, you will still be astounded to know its true history. Other than that, there are many variations of concrete that aid the various requirements in construction. From foundations, structures, and pathways to ceilings, walls and more. Today we are going to take a look at concrete, its history, its modernity and the variations we can find today.

The History Of Concrete

This is where we break the myth that concrete is a modern invention. Concrete has, in an essence, existed for many years past. It has been used, in history, by many civilisations. The first civilization to use Concrete Supplier London extensively was the Romans. Their concrete was made about the same as modern concrete except for the industrial cement that we use today. Instead, they used volcanic ash. Many historians and master architects now say that this had only made their ancient concrete stronger than what we use today. This is proven by the ancient Roman buildings, pathways and structures that are a tourist attraction today – walked on and touched by a lot of people. Yet it remains. This is because it is strong, durable and long-lasting. The modern concrete can last too, but not as good as the roman one.

Different Concrete Mixes And Concrete Mix Ratios

Today, with modern technology and research, we have a wide variety of concrete mixes and ratios available. Most of these are standard and will have a recommended usage. For instance, the concrete mix and mix ratios used for foundations will vary highly from the mix that is used for floor screeds. The ratio of the ingredients, setting time and sometimes even the raw materials used may be different. It is always recommended to have an expert option on this as one would want strong foundations and walls for their home. So according to such needs, the strength of concrete used in construction will also vary. Moreover, today we have different mixing and delivery methods to add to the types. This is often chosen by construction site managers to ensure that the best quality, quantity and timely delivery of concrete can be made possible.

Traditional Concrete Mixing

Traditional concrete mixing methods are still used for smaller construction projects and in many poorer countries where the latest technologies have not yet been reached. This method of mixing and laying concrete is highly labour-intrusive and becomes even more so when concrete is needed for large construction projects. In this method, the raw materials of concrete such as cement, sand, gravel and water are added in a clean and cleared place on the site. This is then mixed and transported to where it is needed on-site using wheelbarrows or construction buckets. 

Ready-Mix Concrete

This type of concrete is known as premixed concrete as well due to how it is prepared and delivered. In this concrete mix, the concrete mix design that is required at the site is informed to the Concrete Supplier London. The concrete supplier then mixes the exact mix as required in batch plants. Concrete batching plants are automated and fully controlled, this results in a well and evenly mixed concrete sludge. During this process, if the construction requires a highly specific design of concrete, it is tested to ensure the product is satisfactory before it is delivered. The concrete is delivered using ready-mix concrete trucks, that keep the concrete agitated and from setting before its delivery time. In this method, the concrete is prepared just before the delivery schedule provided by the site to ensure freshness and workability. 

Volumetric Concrete

This is a modern on-site concrete mix and delivery method. This Concrete Supplier London delivery method is used when the scheduling at the site is known or clear to the supplier, when more than one type of concrete mix design will be required or when the quantity of concrete that is required is not known. Volumetric Concrete trucks are specialized for this. They have separate compartments and therein, the various raw materials required for concrete mixes as well as any admixtures that may be needed are stored until needed. These trucks also have a mixing compartment wherein the raw materials are added and mixed. It can then be delivered wherever it is needed on the site. Unlike the other concrete delivery methods, these trucks come with an average concrete pump and pipe through which they can be delivered in a controlled manner to precise locations.

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