I Failed to Throw the Villain Away Chapter 1- Popular Korean Webtoon Series

I Failed to Throw the Villain Away Chapter 1 is an interesting webtoon manhwa series. Recently, people have liked short-type web series to watch during their spare time. This web drama is full of adventure and suspense. The audience will encounter a magical world that is much different from the real one. In this novel, the black magic is given more importance. Valet, the heroine of this drama, wants to rehab herself from the hands of misfortune.

She is sure to die because the villain is moving to stab her with all family members including her father. This tragic incident is painful and deeply impactful. The story is charming with several unknown twists and turns to break the normal streamline of the web drama. With continuous progression, you will meet several characters facing tumultuous situations. The villain has the power of dominance taking the lead over the heroine. Valet falls victim to the embarrassing situation. 

What Is I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1?

i failed to throw away the villain Away Chapter 1″ is a modern webtoon manhwa. Its genre is a drama with full of suspense and thrill to stun the audience. Here, Reinhardt is the strong competitor or villain to challenge Valet and his father. He wants to terminate all who do not praise him. With gripping storytelling and captivating artwork, this new webtoon, I Failed to Throw the Villain Away, becomes popular among online viewers who have a keen interest in online web series and cartoon pictures.

Summary of I failed to throw the villain away chapter 1

I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1

“I failed to throw the villain away chapter 1” drama keeps you energetic all day. In the first opening scene, you will find Valet, the female protagonist to charge the lead. She got a message from her father. This baron explained that this stranger was none but a soldier whom her father saved. The baron rescued this villain because he was handsome with modest. She was surprised to have such a message from her father. 

The fate was not favorable. She continued the investigation to get new facts about Reinhardt, the intruder. This handsome boy became the maestro in voodoo and sorcery much later. After being cured, he plotted to murder every one of Valet’s family. She found that this villain had a weak point. His heart was engraved with a symbol which is the vehicle of hypnotizing the boy. This secret message for Valet is important. She knew how to control this negative power.

Still, after the restoration of health, I failed to oust the villain forgetting the contribution of the baron, Valet’s father. He tried to smash and kill every one of her family. After destroying her father, the villain proceeded to take her to the cemetery. Death seemed to reach her as a gift to escape from the hands of the villain. She failed to oust the villain.

I Failed to Throw the Villain Away- What Is New Genre 

Webtoons and cartoon comics are now hotcakes to entertain the new generation. With the expansion of the digital entertainment world, people feel free to stay online for reading interesting comic series, webtoons, and manhwa. There are different types of web series. Here, i failed to throw the villain away in a short drama with many graphic pictures with comments/quoted statements to share. It is fiction to charge the audience. The fantasy world is revealing a lot of secrets and unknown facts describing the mystic ambiance in which Valet is incarnated to experience a different situation.

Her encounter with the villain is noticeable as he has the plot to terminate every one of her family members. Using 3d and multimedia technologies, the animation cartoon picture gets back its originality and life. Every episode is colorful and adventurous putting the audience in the hollowness of mysticism. 

What Is the Fate of Valet? – I Failed to Throw the Villain away Manga

With the power of god, Valet was reincarnated into a mysterious baron’s family. She knew the end of her life. Her fate was at stake after discovering an attendant named Reinhardt. He was at the mercy of Valet. In a message sent by her father, it was stated that the baron gave a new lease of life to this poor attendant due to his healthy appearance. Later, she cured his wounds and injuries by applying her knowledge. The climax is that she had to suffer from the brunt of conspiracy and betrayal. She was supposed to befriend this villain.

However, she was so unlucky that she got harsh treatment from the villain. Finally, the negative character exposed his vulgarity. He told her that she would be safe on condition. She would have to accept him as her master. He would use her beauty for personal satisfaction and pleasure. This is the misfortune to attack her severely without giving her a chance to get relief. Read this drama” i failed to throw the villain away manga” to get the flavor of mysticism and adventure. 

I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1- What Is Originality?

I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1 is a Korean webtoon series. In the Korean language, this popular manhwa was published. Later, experts transformed and transmuted this Korean drama into English and other dialects.


I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1 has gained awesome viewership on the internet. Children like to watch such comical dramas with a lot of thrills and adventure. The bad treatment from the villain forces the audience to admit the supremacy of the devil in the whole story. However, the villain gave her a proposal of friendship if she wants to live without harassment. It is a fiction that impresses children.


Q: What is I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1?

A: I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1 is a much sought-after Koeran drama sketching characters like Valet and the villain named Reinhardt. The devil got victory over the good.

Q: What Is the Twist in I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1?

A: Valet, the baron’s daughter, is a reincarnated soul. She is born to get tortured by a villain. She is an unlucky princess.

Q: Where to read I Failed to Throw the Villain away Chapter 1?

A: I Failed to Throw the Villain Away Chapter 1 and other episodes are available online for free reading.

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