Some tips for weight loss and best diet chart for you

Are you searching for a best diet chart? Here some tips for you to lose your weight. Now, almost every person wants to weight loss. But everyone confused which is the best suitable, long term, effective diet chart for me?  You need to follow the diet chart and some simple rules.


  • Eat right food.
  • Non-stop fasting.
  • Eat breakfast at a time.
  • Take meal at a time.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinks.
  •  Do not exclude favourite food.
  • Avoid Stock junk food.
  • Reduce alcohol.
  • Take food on a small plate.

Eat Right Food

  You need to start from eating right food. It is a challenge, given by our food culture and habits. Avoid eating high carbohydrate and sugar. Eat calories in right quantity for balancing your energy.

Non-stop fasting

Non-stop fasting bound you from continuously eating and you simply reduce your body fat. Based on studies, 3-8% weight loss shown in Non- stops fasting in just 3 to 4 weeks. This percentage is greater than any other methods. In this method, you can reduce your belly fat also.

Eat breakfast at a time

If you skip your breakfast, it will not help to reduce your weight loss. You could miss essential nutrients throughout the day. If you eat breakfast at a time, you feel so energetic.

Take Meal at a Time

Take your meal in regular basis. It is helps you to burn calories. It is also helps you to reduce the temptation to eat high fat foods and sugary foods.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. You get lots of essential minerals from fruits and vegetables. Low calories and fat and high fibre, this ingredients helps you to reduce your weight.   


It is an easy way to reduce your calories and sugar, avoid sweet beverages and juices. These types of drinks are high in calories and sugar. This means these drinks do not help you to reduce your weight. You should drink healthy beverages like Water, Green Tea reduce your weight.

Do not exclude favourite food

 Do not exclude your favourite food from your weight-loss plan especially what you most like. Excluding favourite food, you will crave more to eat your favourite food. Without your favourite food you cannot enjoy your occasional party. When the mind wants, eat a little bit of a piece.

Avoid Stock junk food

To avoid junk food, do not stock chocolate, biscuits, sweet beverages, and chips at your home. You can stock healthy ingredients like nuts, fruits, and rice cakes, popcorn without salt, fruit juices etc.

Reduce alcohol

Alcohol does not help you to reduce your weight loss plan. If you drink a standard glass of wine, it means you eat a piece of chocolate. Over drinking alcohol gain your weight. It is better not to drink alcohol. It is not good for health like Angel Bites Piercing.

Take food on a small plate

 Take food on a small plate for your mind’s satisfaction. Make it a habit. On a small plate, you eat your food slowly for about 15 – 20 minutes for the stomach to send information to the brain. It is full. So eat slowly before you feel it is enough.

Diet chart

A healthy and balanced diet chart is necessary for weight loss journey. Here, you get a balanced diet chart from morning to night.

Time period:

Breakfast (7:00am – 7:30 am)

Mid-Meal (11:30am – 12:30 pm)

Lunch (1:30 pm – 2:30 pm)

Evening (5:00pm – 5:30pm)

Dinner (8:30pm – 9:30pm)

Breakfast2 egg whites + 1 toasted bread + 1/2 cup milk or green tea with no sugar
Mid-Meal1- 2 cup papaya
Lunch1-2 cup arhaar dal + 2 roti + 1/2 curd + green salad
Evening1-2 cup vegetable soup
Dinner1 cup pumpkin + 2 roti + green salad
Breakfast2 toasted bread + 1/2 curd (no sugar)
Mid-Meal1 standard glass coconut water
Lunch1 small bowl moog dal/ chicken + 1-2 roti +  green salad
Evening1 small bowl nuts
Dinner1 small bowl beans + 1-2 roti  + green salad
Breakfast2 toasted brown bread + 1/2 curd (no fat no sugar)
Mid-Meal1 apple
Lunch1 small bowl masoor dal + 1-2 roti + 1/2 curd (no fat no sugar) + green salad
Evening1 small bowl soup
Dinner1 small bowl carrot, peas, vegetable +1-2 roti + green salad
Breakfast vegetable brown bread + 1/2 cup milk (no fat no sugar)
Mid-Meal1 glass watermelon
Lunch1 small bowl rajma chaowal + 1 roti + green salad
Evening1 small bowl nuts.
Dinner1 small bowl vegetable + 1 roti + green salad
Breakfast1-2 cucmber sandwich + 1/2 tsp green chutney + 1 orange
Mid-Meal1 cup buttermilk
Lunch1 small bowl white  chana/ fish curry + 1 chapatti + salad
Evening1 glass milk (no fat no sugar)
Dinner1 small bowl cauliflower vegetable + 1 roti + green salad
Breakfast1 small bowl veg rice + 1 curd (no fat no sugar)
Mid-Meal1 glass coconut water
Lunch1 cup chana dal + 1 roti + green salad
Evening1 small bowl salad + dry food
Dinner1 cup tinda vegetable + 1 roti + green salad
Breakfast1 glass milk with oats + 2-4 strawberries
Mid-Meal1 glass watermelon
Lunch1 small bowl oybean curry + 1 roti + 1/2 cup curd (no fat no sugar)+ green salad
Evening1 glass fruit salad
Dinner1 small bowl ghia vegetable + 1-2 roti + green salad


Follow the simple method and you get good result for your weight loss journey. Stay healthy, stay fit, stay strong and fulfil your weight loss plan. You look more attractive when you lose your extra fat, just like Piercing.

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