7 Simple Ways to Restart Your Android Phone Without Power Button

We know how disappointing and annoying it is when you want to restart your android phone but your phone’s power button switch is already broken or some other issue. What do you think! Is it possible to restart your phone without power button?

Luckily, it is possible and there are many methods to Restart or Power Off even Turned on your Android Phone. We tell you the best 7 simple methods.

If you are in hurry, no time at your hand and you want to restart your phone then follow the 7 simple methods. Let’s start.

How to Restart?

The Question that is in your mind is how to restart my phone without power button? If your Android Phone is turned off, don’t worry about it. There are 7 simple methods.

1. Plug in:

Plug in is the general and most effective method when your phone’s battery is drain. Lot of time you forget to check your phone’s battery status and when you realize your phone is already switched off. So, you simply connect your electric or USB charger to your phone and in a few seconds your phone is wake up from sleep status.

2. Recovery Mode:

This is another easy and effective method to restart your Android Phone without Power Button. But this method works only Android Phone. In this method you need to switched off your Android Phone and simply connect your electric or USB charger to your phone and holding down the volume upper/ volume lower button to start Recovery Mode. Here when your phone wake up and menu bar displayed, you simply touch exit and the device is reboot. It can be modified by different manufacturers using different Versions.

3. Remove Battery (If possible):

     If you remove the battery from your Android Device, then this method works.

  • When your Phone is turned on then plug in Electric or USB charger, make sure your device is charged between 50 – 60%.
  • Now open the back panel from your device and open the battery from pin and put it inside.
  • Now you quickly connect the battery with pin.
  • Now disconnect the Electric or USB charger and reinstall the battery at exactly the same time.

If you do it correctly, your Android Phone will be turned on.

4. Scheduled Power On or Off Features:

At this time, Smart Android Phone comes with Scheduled Power ON or OFF Features. Just set the time, if you want to restart your Android Phone. In your Android Phone setting, find the Scheduled power ON/OFF feature and enable it.

5. Double Tap To WAKE/SLEEP Option:

These features also come in modern Android Phones. First, you need to turn it on from your Android Phone setting. After turning on the feature, if you double tap on an empty area of home or lock screen your phone goes into wake or sleep mode.

6. POWER and VOLUME Button Application:

This App switches the power button function to volume button of your choice. So, you can use the volume switch to access the power button features. You can find many apps from Google Play Store. Those applications help you Restart your Android Phone Without Power Button.

7. Find a Professional Android Phone Repairman:

You need to find a professional phone repairman to repair your android phone. Because the Power Button switch is essential for fast and hassle-free work of the Android Device. You get a long term and a permanent solution from a professional phone repairman.


We are sharing some important information with you. You have to have some patience. But it is not easy to do perfectly and professionally. If the above methods worked, that is wonderful and all credit goes to you.

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