You Should Know About What Is Angel Bites Piercing?

Angel Bites has gained immense popularity in the fashion world. This Piercing gives you a fantastic and attractive look. Angel Bites looks different to you in the crowd.

 Lot of times Angel Bites Piercing is called a Madonna Monroe piercing. Angel Bites Piercing is done parallel to the left side and the right side of the upper lip.

Angel Bites Piercing has its good aspects as well as bad aspects. Let’s take a look at the good aspects of Angel Bites Piercing.

Good Aspects of Angel Bites Piercing

  • Angel Bites Piercing gives you a fantastic and attractive look.
  • The Piercing more attractive with other facial piercing.
  • Now in days it is a style statement.
  • Jewellery options are available in a wide range for wearing in Angel Bites Piercing.
  • Piercing can be done in Nose, Ear, Belle, Nipple, Tongue, Eyebrow, Lip and wherever you want in your body.

Side Effects of Angel Bites Piercing

  • The Piercing can damage your health.
  • You can get into troubles in Breath Problems, Allergic Reactions, Nerve Damage, Blood Infection etc.
  • A skin Infection possibility present in all Piercing, if you not take care properly.
  • Heavy jewellery can cause problems in your body.

Which Type Of Jewellery Is Best for Piercing?

Labret Stud:  Labret Studs are most common usable jewellery for Piercing. It has a small, smooth, fixed, flat back, removal affixed. Mostly used in Lip Piercing even in Nose and Ear Piercings.

What Kind Of Material Is Used In Jewellery for Piercing?

You can choose various types of Jewellery made from all materials but all metals are not good for Piercing.

  Surgical Steel:

The most popular choice, affordable, durable material is Surgical Steel.

But it is not safest material because it contains Nickel. Many people are allergic to Nickel.


There is no Nickel in Titanium and it is a lightweight material so your body not affected in allergic reaction or any kind of irritation.


Stay away from Gold Plated Jewellery as it contains other alloys. Make sure your jewellery is at least 14 carats or more if you want to wear gold jewellery. Otherwise, it will be thin and affected by bacteria.

Biocompatible Polymers (Plastics) :

Biocompatible Polymers are safe to use because it is Medical grade plastic and also it is flexible. This is a good alternative for Angel Bites Piercing which makes their gums and teeth easier.


Silver is a flimsy material. Pure Sterling Sliver which is contains 99.9% silver, is the most common type of metal for piercing.


It is difficult to say how much because it is subjective. It is vary person to person. Each person has their own capability and tolerance. People say the pain rate is about 3 to 6 on a pain scale.

Healing Time

Piercing can take 45 to 60 days to heal. However, time depends on different types of piercing to be done in the body.

Type of Aftercare

 Proper aftercare is needed for healing your pores and decreases the risk.

Some actions taken during the healing process:

  • You need to rinse your mouth properly.
  • Clean your hand thoroughly before you touching your piercing.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Always keep your toothbrush in a clean place.
  • Rinse your piercing with saline solution.


 Angel Bites Piercing is good for style but not for your health. If you want to do piercing be prepare for pain. Always do from reputed place.

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