What Is Merle French Bulldog? Know Why This Breed Is Sought-after

Merle French bulldog is a different breed that does not match other local dogs. Especially, the awesome variance in skin colors of this breed is noticeable. People like to raise this mixed breed due to its fantastic color matching. Other features make this crossbreed rare compared to local poodles. 

What Is Merle French Bulldog?

The French bulldog and the Merle Chihuahua have been crossed to produce the new breed-Merle French bulldog. The only priority of this bulldog breed is its wonderful color exposure. The soothing and attractive hues of Merle are transferred to the French bulldog. Therefore, people are excited to collect the litter of dogs from this cross-breed line-up. The adverse impact of such color transplantation from one breed to another is harmful to dogs. Experts prescribe medications for restoring the health of Merle French bulldog. This risk factor often discourages breeders from cross-breeding Merle and French bulldogs. 

Most Sought-after Merle French Bulldog

This is a sought-after breed that has excellent color variance. ‘ They are also available in various types such as lilac, black, and blue French bulldog with the characteristics of Merle Chihuahua. This particular breed is rare. For this reason, the cost of breeding and health maintenance must be high. You should get permission from professional vets before rearing up Merle French bulldog. 

Blue Merle French Bulldog –Where Do They Differ?

Blue Merle French Bulldog

Blue Merle French bulldog is a brilliant elegant breed that has a handful of features to stun you. One of the attractions is the blue color hide of the dog. The whole body is printed and dotted with a bluish hue. There are patches of colors on the rear portion of the dog. The awe-inspiring physical aesthete of the bulldog impresses viewers who have the desire to collect the rare blue color Merle French bulldog. 

The striking feature of Blue Merle French breed is its cool temperament. This dog does not get angry easily. The socialization of this breed is required for building up the bond of intimacy with humans. Therefore, many local dog breeding academies train Merle French dogs how to become obedient, cool, and modest. This type of breed likes to play with kids. 

Another advantage of the blue Merle French bulldog is its portability. Its miniature shape is an advantage for the dog. It can move and pass through the narrowed passage. It is easy to carry this breed. The Mini Goldendoodle is a hybrid that is produced by mixing the Golden Retriever with the Poodle.

Lilac Merle French Bulldog

Lilac Merle French Bulldog has a charming look that must make you joyous. The dusty silvery color of the Lilac Merle breed is unforgettable. Though the American Kennel Club does not recognize the Lilac Merle French breed, the popularity of this specific dog breed has expanded. There are different types of lilac Merle French bulldog. For example, clover the blue French bulldog, and Luna the lilac French bulldog are examples of dog breeders. This unique and rare lilac color is produced by diluting two gene copies. However, this forced gene dilution often causes health hazards like blindness and color fading. 

Chocolate Merle French Bulldog

Chocolate Merle French Bulldog is a fantastic cross-bred animal. This poodle has a wonderful deep brown chocolate-colored coat. Frenchies are not back cross-bred but due to the color variance, people are attracted. For regular health maintenance, you need to groom the dogs. You should use the biodegradable antibiotic shampoo to do the skin cleansing and fur detoxification. The heavy coat of this breed is protective of the breed itself. The chocolate color of Merle’s French bulldog does not make the dog ugly. 

Originality of Chocolate Merle French Bulldog 

Originality of Chocolate Merle French Bulldog 

The originality of chocolate Merle Frenchie bulldog is imported from England. The dark chocolate color of this rare species is the outcome of the combination of two recessive genes- Locus B/B. The combination of two genes produces deep black and brown pigments. This genetic interaction certainly determines the changes in other parts of the dog. Especially, the paw pad, nose and specific areas of the breed receive the brown color. The impact of such a genetic combination lasts longer to influence this Chocolate French bulldog breed. Halo dog food is a nutritious option for your beloved canine, made with wholesome ingredients like real meat, whole grains, and vegetables.

The characteristics of this dog are much upgraded. They have short-cut coats with square-shaped heads. Their eyeballs are large and prominent. Coco-colored hide of the dog is not eye-pinching. The beauty of the dog always motivates true French bulldog lovers. They are adorable breeds. To keep them healthy and bold, you should take care of the dog’s health as much as you can.

French bulldog Merle with Chocolate Color

Chocolate Merle breeds have a heavenly color contrast. You will find patches of various colors like beige and chocolate. The chocolate color of French bulldog merle is perfectly mixed with the cream or beige color to decorate the coat of the dog. To have a clear-cut picture, you can check a few sample snapshots of Chocolate Merle dogs to be knowledgeable about the color combination. 


Merle French bulldog is popular for its color contrast and physical aesthete. Though it is a rare breed, people like to cross-breed Merle French bulldog. However, at the same time, they should be aware of the health-related issues which are the concerns for the dogs. Experts advise dog masters on how to rebuild the health of breeds. 


Why is Merle French Bulldog popular?

Merle French Bulldog is popular because of its color variance.

Is it costly to raise Merle French Bulldog?

As Merle French Bulldog is rare, it is expensive.

What are precautions for breeding Merle Frenchies?

The health problems can happen during gene dilution to have the new offsprings with various colors.

Where to find Merle French bulldog?

You need to contact dog breeders who are professional to cross-breed different dogs like French bulldog and Merle Chihuahua.

Are Merle French Bulldogs Spacious?

They are portable with well-maintained coats.

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