Redesigning Your Logos (Bad Logo) 

Today I’m going to be showing you in this blog, sponsored by Envato. How I redesigned the ‘Beans’ logo that you’re seeing here. This is a luxurious coffee brand and we’re going to hopefully elevate it. Make it better and fix some little mistakes that I see that will just take this brand to the next level visually. I’m a graphic designer and a creative director here in our designing agency. Hopefully you guys will learn something. 

First Part Of The Design Process

Let’s get straight into the first part of the design process. First thing I did was, obviously check out the design. It looks good. Professional medical seo experts can see where they’re going with it. I can see what they’re trying to do. The design has the air of luxury. That’s what we want. If that’s what the client is asking for and that’s what the brief states and that’s what we want. And you’ve done that very well. 

Couple Of Ways To Get The Luxurious Feeling

That is wide tracking. So that means that the letters are spaced together away from each other. So there’s more space in between those letters. Using serif typefaces. Those are notorious for creating a luxurious and All-time feeling and daintiness. Like gentleness and grace. Within the typefaces. It’s really important as well. Now, what I love about this design is the fact that. 

You’ve got the serif typeface in there without the serif on. It’s very minimal as well. You’re giving that minimal feeling but there’s a few problems of that. First thing that I have an issue with is the A in the middle. This is the elephant in the room. The A in the middle looks way too overpowering and it’s takes away the luxurious feeling. It doesn’t have that air of luxury anymore. 

Few Typographic Errors

You’re a type designer like myself or specialize in type design. Just know, then you wouldn’t spot these two easily when creating them. But what I will say is you’ve done a cracking job already. You set the foundations for something here. The first mistake I see is on the B. Obviously, it looks like a P with another bolt at the bottom. That’s not how a B is constructed. The E is too symmetrical. There’s actually a few issues of that and I’ll go into that during the process. 

Too Much Positive Space

Again, the A looks great aside from it’s just way too much positive space in that. The N is fine, but the S is got a few curvatures that are missing. The S is notorious hard to design. So don’t blame you. It took takes ages to learn how to create an S properly and you’ve got the foundation of it right there. If you look at the mock-ups, they’ve done a great job in showing it through the color scheme. I really like that. It looks luxurious. 

The first thing I did was, I didn’t want to alienate brand. What I want to do is level it up. I do this, not by choosing a typeface but by going to my iPad. And taking my knowledge, extensive enough of typography and hand lettering. And I went ahead and started sketching out what I thought would work best. First things first, I grid it out. I need to make sure that I’ve got the asender, the x line and the descender line all there. There’s two lines that I dropped first are called the x-height. In Procreate I can actually create a grid in there which allows me to draw straight lines but also. 

I Can Draw A Straight Line Very Easily

So much easier than using pen or paper. Normally though. I use Adobe Fresco for drawing logotypes, or going ahead and Drawing anything really finesse because Adobe fresco It’s got tools that procreate don’t have, which allow you to be a bit more accurate. But because this is just a really quick redesign and really quick leveling up, I didn’t want to go into the whole Adobe Fresco thing. As you can see. I’m not actually changing very much about the design. 

What I’m doing is I’m using my knowledge and type to make it better. So for instance, the B is a lot more of a structured. What I’ve done is the B at the top, you know the circular bit. I’ve made that a tiny bit smaller and I’ve given it better proportion. The E, I’ve made sure that they’re not symmetrical all the way through. You can see me drawing a line down the right hand side and what that does is it allows me to push back one of those top square. 

That Top Rectangle Of The E

That gives it an overall better sense of E. With the A I did something drastic. I didn’t like the way that you went ahead and created the A It looks a bit too blocky. So what I decided to do is take that block away and give it more of a luxurious feeling. I took it away. Then I worked on the N. And then the S, which is the bane of any type designer’s life is creating an S. Drawing those things are difficult. Let alone trying to do it very quickly. 

I Change The Spacing

I changed the basically the left and right side bearings which is the space in between each individual character Then a bit of inspiration strikes and with the A I didn’t like it how it was just too minimal. It looks like generic. So what I decided to do was create line which would be the crossbar of the A, which would curve. And that would give the logotype some uniqueness to it. As well as it’d be very centered and balanced throughout the whole logo design. Now that I’ve drawn a logo in the iPad and it’s ready to go. I scanned it into my computer and bring it into Adobe Illustrator. 

The next part is obviously going to be the presentation style of this. But also more of an identifying packaging mark. What I loved about the first design, the actual original design this was the packaging and that’s one of the shortfalls of a lot of designers. When sending logos into the subreddit or even to their clients is the asset part, mock-ups. So what I did was I wanted to create some sort of pattern in the background.

How Luxurious Coffee Brand Look Like? 

My thoughts were what if we did a coffee stain. Like an abstract coffee stain that looked graceful but also looked kind of random. So I created this circle and I walked it and I basically Just duplicated it multiple times and it gave this cool shape and I’ve seen the shape many times before and I thought it looked really good. And the story behind that is that it’s a luxurious coffee mark. When you put your coffee down. That’s what it would be. That would be the brand pattern for the overall packaging. 

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Now onto the mock-ups. Now, mock-ups are just this thing that you need to do because designers tell you too. There are actually a really good tool to make sure your design works, whether you can see it in real life or not. Now envato who are sponsoring this blog will Let you guys know that they’ve got over 50 million assets on their website that you can download. 

Mock-Ups that I’m Using

They’ve got a really simple license. So you just click on a project that you’re working on Download it and that license will continue and you will be allowed to use the work. Even when your subscription with Envato elements ends. It’s not just mock-ups. They have like seeing generators, web template, sound effect, Blog templates, after effects, templates, logo reveals, logo templates. Everything you can think of is on Envato elements. 

Pretty wild! So go ahead, support the channel and check out envato elements. Click the link down below. And from that asset. I actually started creating this pattern around it. I wanted to see what this coffee brand could look like. What I found was that obviously the design looks good. There’s a few things missing from it. I think it’s not ornate enough. It’s very minimal in itself, but it does speak a lot about coffee, in my opinion. 

A Logo At The Time

You can try and fit into a brand and make it appropriate. But for this brief, what I think, the original user did was really well done. But hopefully, I’ve shown you here. Today will help elevate the design that you’ve created and Make it better for the luxurious space. You can see that pattern all the way around that coffee mug. That mock-up is looking pretty good. 

I change the colors and made sure it looked all really nice all the way through. That gold color I really liked. But I changed the packaging to be a bit more minimal than the first original one. So there you have it. Hopefully, I’ve elevated the design. I think I have. Again, you guys are vocal enough. 

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