Why Your Competitors Rank Higher Than You?

A bit of healthy competition among entrepreneurs in Edmonton is normal and expected! Your expertise is in the area of expertise. You are aware of what your business can bring to the table and how your service or product performs against the competition. It’s all concrete, and it’s easy to improve.

But, the same tangibility doesn’t apply to the way your business does online. Potential customers are searching for answers to their issues (that you can offer!) Every day, but when your company’s name isn’t listed at the top of results for search engines, it isn’t easy to build enough momentum to aid them, particularly if your competition is getting more traffic than you.

What is the reason? The short answer is SEO. A good SEO.

Fortunately, Snap SEO has created an inventory of the elements that impact the quality of your and your competitors’ rankings and the actions you can take to boost your own.

The website’s performance is a reflection of the Google search phrase

This is an essential element of the SEO puzzle. The potential keywords customers are searching for will lead them to your site or your competitor’s site depending on how well your content can answer the question. For instance, if your company offers legal service in Edmonton, You’d want to optimize your website, blog and other web-based content to include relevant keywords and relevant topics.

The solution:

Organically implement relevant keywords in the meta description of your website (the brief synopsis of your page’s Google result pages) and your blog posts and articles (specifically your title tags, H1 tags and the H2 tag as well as the body copy) as well as page URLs.

This tells Google it’s an indication that you’re an authority in your field and have the content to prove it.

Hot tip:

Local SEO for Edmonton is crucial to get in Google’s search results. Make sure you geotag your website’s Google My Business listing and keywords that include ‘Edmonton or the city your home is in.

The quality of content written

On-page content, whether web-based page content such as FAQs, services, or blog posts, must be organized, simple to read, pertinent, and informative to the person reading it.

When Google bots examine a website’s content, they’ll search for pages with duplicate content, do not answer the user’s question, have too much keyword stuffing, or aren’t entertaining or interesting to read.

There’s some disagreement between Edmonton SEO experts over the length of the content, particularly for blog posts. The general standard is that the content should be between 600 and 1500 words, flows well, can answer questions, is relevant, and isn’t an elaboration of what’s at the top of Google.

The solution:

Designate a team member to produce high-quality content for all your web pages and to write regularly scheduled blog posts on relevant subjects that relate to your business. Utilize tools such as Grammarly to ensure that your content is read, has a smooth flow and an appealing tone, and fixes any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Online Reputation

Of course, Google is more inclined to place websites and businesses that demonstrate relevance. However, they also need to have an outstanding local reputation. Here are a few of the key elements Google evaluates when it comes to online reputation

Online Reviews and Press

If your company is featured on an internet review and is listed under Google My Business, your Google My Business profile will consider this information. This is also true for the media. If your company is mentioned in a web-based news story, this counts towards your SEO, for good or worse.

The solution:

Make it a practice to request that satisfied customers leave positive reviews online. Make sure your Google My Business page is fully optimized and includes your website’s address, hours of operation, and even the address.

In the event of negative publicity, consider the severity of the issue and make it public if necessary. Then, you can begin to work on creating many high-quality materials such as blogs as well as case studies and thoughts pieces. The goal is that eventually, the negative press article appearing on the first page of Google will lose its timeliness and importance and will be buried in results.

Social Media

Although it isn’t a direct component of web-based SEO, Social media presence contributes to the process.

The more you engage with your customers, resolve problems as they arise, and build a real relationship with the demographic you are targeting, The more likely people will visit your site, leave favorable reviews, and interact with your offerings and services. This shows your clients, shareholders, and Google that you value your business’s image.

Social media helps you build a brand. Building a brand is more important in today’s world. You want to be able to tell a story, and a good one at that. 

Backlink Profile

A strong backlink profile occurs where other sites link to your website’s content in their content. This boosts your website’s credibility and reputation with Google, which is almost an endorsement.

Backlink strategy is a long-term game. As time passes, the more reliable backlinks you get, the more reputable your ranking might rise.

The solution:

Many businesses will steadily build backlinks by consistently releasing top-quality content for a lengthy period. This indicates their longevity and a high level of relevance. In the meantime, you may ask trusted websites to link to your website when relevant and also interlink pages within your website.

The solution here is to be focusing on quality backlinks. After a recent Google update, Google wants to focus on quality over quantity. This means that Fiverr’s poor quality “shit links’ ‘ won’t cut it anymore. Why does Fiverr not work? Check out the Google Spam Updates that happened in 2021. There were many of them to counteract link spam. 

Gone are the days of spraying backlinks across the net.

Online reputation The final word:

Let’s suppose that both you and your competition have great content on their websites and high-quality technical SEO. A Google bot’s decision to rank one site over the other can depend on who has the most powerful backlink profile and online reviews or who has the most optimized Google My Business webpage and the most online media.

Important takeaways

  • Create content that clearly and succinctly responds to the reader’s question. Conduct keyword research to ensure you focus on the correct topics and phrases in your writing.
  • Make sure your website’s content is properly optimized by creating helpful meta descriptions with H1 and H2’s and is enjoyable to read.
  • Maintain your online image by asking for favorable reviews from happy customers, creating a solid online presence on social networks, and establishing your backlink profile.

Develop Your Business With Social YEG!

Although all the solutions discussed in this article are tested and tested, they will consume lots of time.

This is where the Snap SEO team is in. We assist our clients to naturally grow their online presence through the potential of social media as well as a solid content strategy incorporating pertinent keywords.

We are happy to chat with you – contact us right now!

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