Best Places to Visit in South Goa


Goa is born with beaches. Best Places to visit in South Goa mostly referred to the heartwarming beaches. Most of Goa is occupied with beaches. A tiny western state is a landmark for beaches with the Arabian sea too. In south Goa, beaches are addressed for enjoyment, parties, surfing, boating etc.. Many activities are held there which really leave mesmerizing moments in our lives. There are countless visitors who are especially scheduled to visit beaches in Goa. Of late,with technology we gain so many things. Also the things for enjoyment. Beaches in Goa are a symbol for entertainment, enjoyment. All ages of people can enjoy it here. There are also fans from other states and countries for beaches in Goa.The couples who are in love dream for something great. As an address for their dreams the Goa are welcoming them with astonishing beauty. There they can have a night view of the beach, surroundings,climate, environment and they also can stay in resorts. They can even do that. 

1.Morjim beach

Morjim beach is one of the best beaches in Goa to visit. It is best because of its colour changing sky over it, and various species of birds. Also the beach is defined for perfect sunset. Morjim beach is also  called ‘Little Russia’. The visitors can get allotments in resorts and restaurants with the best food. The pristine environment mesmerises the mood of viewers. There are some special migratory bird species which make the beach more beautiful. November to February is the best time for visiting the beach.

2. Palelom beach

Palelom beach is famous all over the beaches in Goa. As it is having white sand which makes the colour of the beach seem to be blue. The attractive surroundings with laned palm trees and colourful wooden shacks. It also attracts the most international visitors. Swimming, fishing, parasailing and boat rides are famous over there.  It is safe and sound. It is satisfying visitors by providing dolphin rides, ayurvedic massages and yoga classes.The beauty of beaches in Goa attracts the foreigners too. There are some beaches which are specially allocated for foreigners. As to satisfy the taste of foreigners, not all beaches can do that. 

3. Vagator beach

Vagator beach offers the best experience for the visitors with overall view and relief for their enthusiasm. This beach at both ends views the rocks filled surroundings. This beach carries so many migrating species like birds, polar bears etc. The view over there is so stunning. Vagator beach is the perfect place for spending peace time. There we can find a variety of multi cuisine restaurants.

4. Baga beach

Baga beach is very popular among the best beaches in Goa. It attracts the water lovers and a lot of tourists. Dolphin spotting activities are done here. During hot and humid climatic conditions we can sure enjoy the baga beach well. It’s an attractive destination in the months of October to January. The rides over there is a special activity done over there.The foreigners expect something special while they are visiting, right!? So there are some beaches in Goa for foreigners which really satisfies and attracts them very well and leaves an impression that something lasts forever according to them.

5. Colva beach

Colva beach is one of the most famous beaches among goa beaches. This beach is always occupied with the crowd and international tourists. We can confront the activities like Banana boat ride, parasailing,jet ski ride, water scooter and boat ride. We can get all activities exciting and enjoyable in Colva beach. There are numerous beach shacks which satisfy the visitors’ wishes. The nightlife over there is really astonishing with the very number of bars, restaurants etc.

6. Arambol beach

Arambol beach is an attractive beach for international tourists. Arambol beach is a sort of fishermen village. The numerous water sports can be held there which we enjoy through playing too. The street lanes are lined up there with eateries and drinks etc. Arambol beach is the best tourist spot and a popular destination. The best time to spend over there is the winter season which really mesmerizes the hearts of visitors.

7. Calangute beach

Calangute is one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches. It stood first in attracting the international tourists towards it. There we can observe the sports activities like parasailing,water skiing among others. The rough swimming of visitors is prohibited as the sea seems to be rough. It is said to be the best place for new year and Christmas eves over there. The charm of the beaches is super attractive in nature. No one can’t divert their mood beside it.  The local sport is football for Calangute. This beach is best recommended during the monsoon.

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