Summer Miami Luellen-A Mini Bio with Her Other Details

Summer Miami Luellen is another jewel that belongs to a well-known family of Yung Miami – a versatile rapper in America. She is the daughter of a celeb who has taken care of her baby after the second marriage. Yung Miami has two children- Jai and Summer. The former is fathered by Jai Wiggins and the latter is the biological daughter of Joshua. Summer is cute, healthy, and intelligent. A short biography of this young girl is given here describing her date of birth, original family background, education, and personal relationship. 

Who Is Summer Miami Luellen?

Summer Miami Luellen is a legal heir of Yung Miami- the celebrity rapper in America. She is famous for hip-hop dance. She has performed in many short-range music videos. Summer is the daughter of this rapper who has another kid named Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. Summer was born after the birth of Jai. She is therefore younger than Jai. 

Summer Miami Luellen Age 

The birth date of Summer Miami Luellen is 16th October 2019. She is 3 years old compared to Jai whose age is approximately 10 years as of 2023. The major attraction of this underage girl is her striking smile and innocence. She is cute and bright. Everybody loves her and she is a popular girl among Yung family members. 

Who Fathered Summer Miami Luellen?

Summer Miami is not the only child of Yung. Better to say, she is the second kid just after the coming of Jai. The relationship is a little bit complicated. Yung Miami fell in love with a man called Jai Wiggins. Her dating was successful and finally, she decided to marry this guy. Jai Malik is the first son who was born in 2013. This young lad is now 10 years old. Well, Summer is not the biological sister of Jai as she was fathered by Joshua much later. The mystery is that Yung gave rise to this young girl when she dated Joshua, a producer(also known as Southside).

So, Summer is the step-sibling of Jai. Joshua Howard Luellen is a bold 34-year-old American songwriter and producer. and This dashing guy came to this earth way back in 1989. He is a record producer with an excellent performance record. He worked with a handful of top artists and signers. He released tracks in unison with top artists like Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, etc. He is not only famous for his music tracks but he is also a good songwriter. According to his friends, this man grew his affinity with epic records companies like 1017 Records and Epic Records. 

What about Jai Wiggins?

Summer Miami Luellen

Yung Miami is an iconic figure who has earned terrific popularity by producing a few popular songs like Strub Tha Ground and City Girls(documentary video). She passed a tormented period after her first marriage. The fact is that Jai Wiggins is the first hubby of Yung. They were married through dating. Due to such a romantic relationship, they produced Jai Malik. He is the only son who is much adorable and handsome. However, the situation became tumultuous and risky due to the family feud.

Jai Wiggins was nothing but a beast who tortured this female rapper. She complained to the police station stating her sorrow. The police administration called her husband and ordered him not to stay close to his wife. It is due to the altercation between Yung and Jai Wiggins. In between, she got another jolt on hearing the news of the sudden assassination of her husband. That guy was killed with a short gun. He was left blood-stained with heavy injury. After being hospitalized, he was pronounced dead by the doctor. With his permanent departure, she got another chance to lead her life freely. She met Southside and continued dating till her second marriage. 

Net Worth of Summer Miami Luellen Parents

Summer Miami Luellen

Summer Miami is a small girl who has not developed properly physically and mentally. She needs better care, nutrition, and education to earn her livelihood. Summer Miami Luellen parents will have to wait a few years more to see Summer as a much-developed figure. She is now 3 years and her maturity is far away from her. On the other hand, Summer Miami Luellen parents are well-established financially. They are engaged in their professional careers with superiority in their domains. The collaboration of the duo has brought $ 2 million approximately. They are self-reliant and also independent without depending on each other. 

Fan Followers of Summer Miami Luellen Parents

Till now, Summer Miami Luellen parents have created an oversize envelope comprising over 204k followers coming from the Instagram platform. They are heavyweights on social media channels. Their gigs, blogs, and snapshots are posted regularly to retain more viewers.


Summer Miami Luellen is a fantastic girl who has just begun her lifestyle. This 3-year-old girl is the daughter of Yung and Southside. She is not deprived of parental love. She is also the sibling of Jai Malik who is senior to her. She is known for her sportiveness, modesty, and innocence. This Yung Miami daughter will keep the tradition of the Yung line-up by becoming a renowned heart-throbbing rapper in the world. 


Q: Why is Summer Miami Luellen under the spotlight?

A: Summer Miami Luellen is under the media spotlight because of her direct connection with Yung- the rapper. She is the daughter of celebrities.

Q: Who is a sibling of Summer Miami Luellen?

A: Summer Miami Luellen has a sibling named Jai. He is the biological son of Jai Wiggins.

Q: Who is Southside?

A: Southside is the second husband of Yung who is a female American rapper.

Q: How old is Summer Miami Luellen?

A: As of 2023, she is only 3 years old and she is a junior succeeding Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.

Q: Who is Caresha Romeka Brownlee?

A: Caresha Romeka Brownlee is the real name of Yung. She is also the mother of Summer and Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.

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