A Short Biography of DD Osama – Details about DD Osama Age/Height/Career/Net Worth

DD Osama is a young stage performer whose performance is unforgettable making people crazy. He is a rapper and singer in America. He is popular for his couple of super hit songs like Without You, 40s N9s, and Dead Ops. His immense popularity creates an oversize network. A huge chunk of 10 million viewers on you-tube alone goes to DD Osama. His personal Instagram account has a record high of 1.1 million followers to hit his timeline. He is a legend who is dynamic, self-reliant, and creative. Through his biography, you will know about DD Osama age, his career, and other details. 

What Is the Real Name of DD Osama?

David Reyes is the real Christen name of DD Osama. He is a heart-throbbing popular rapper whose popularity spreads all over the world. He is also a songwriter to compose many melodious songs. He has created the best video music albums like Dead Opps and Without You. 

Birth Details and DD Osama Age

In Harlem, the city of New York, DD Osama was born. His complete birth date is 29th November 2006. He was a talented boy. He got inspiration from seniors. He dreamed of becoming a famous rapper and songwriter. As of now, DD Osama real age is 16. 

Family Background of DD Osama 

DD Osama does not belong to a family of musicians and song creators. His father named MR. Osama is a businessman. His mother Crimsely Martinez is a homemaker. His parents are not living together after separation. Most of his childhood days were spent with his mother. He has several siblings who love him very much. They grew happily in New York. One of his siblings is also a hip-hop rapper. His name is Ethan but unfortunately, he is no more. He died in 2022. 


DD Osama is a 16 years old rapper who has gained appreciation and fame as a hip-hop rapper. He is also a good composer with songwriting expertise. Still, he has not forgotten his schooling. In Harlem, the birthplace of Osama, he did his elementary schooling and was then admitted to high school. However, he has a keen interest in and penchant for music, song composing, and hip-hop rap music. 

Professional Career 

DD Osama

DD Osama started from scratch to go high to kiss the sky. He has the great expectation to do anything remarkable to impress his fans. Those who have listened to his music videos Without You, Dead Opps, and 40s N9s must value his voice. He is a maestro with versatility in rap and drill hip-hop music. At this tender age, he becomes an attractive boy who is dear to winning 10 million hearts by presenting superb songs. In 2022, Peter Pan was a great song sung by Osama.

This was his first debut and he was recognized to be a peerless singer with promising prospects. The mind-blowing songs like Without You, Dead Opps, and 40s N9s have given him fast media exposure. He is just 16 and he is also much young. In the future, he will try to create more melodious and exciting songs for the audience. 

Music Highlights of DD Osama 

DD Osama has the sharp talent and unbreakable confidence to make his dream come true. He wants to be a genuine rapper. Soon he will leave for a world music tour to do stage performances at different places. Well, people remember him for his outstanding performance in Making Without You and 40s N9. Besides, he showed his talent when he performed in 2011. Songs like “Love Sosa,” “I Don’t Like,” and “Bang” are very popular among his fans. He got a new identity by singing rock and roll songs. Osama’s songs are boosters to stimulate young blood.

The release of new songs seems to be controversial and therefore this rapper has received a lot of criticism and bad remarks. He chooses the subjects like drugs, alcohol, and wild euphoria to compose songs. However, one of the best songs to remember is Dead Opps. Here, he has depicted the life of Nott, his sibling. This young man was stabbed to death in 2022. He expressed his sorrow over the sudden demise of his young brother. He becomes emotional when he plays this song background during his leisure time. 

DD Osama and His Romantic Lover 

The personal lifestyle of DD Osama is hidden and not revealed in public. He does not like to bring personal details and facts to anyone. However, this young talented rapper has already started dating a girl named Aniyah. She is a social media influencer on Tiktok. They chat online and date. This rapper has not told the media anything positive about his romantic life. 

Where is DD Osama Now?

DD Osama is still a youngster. He has to struggle hard to earn money and fame. Right now, he has no personal home or car. He likes to live with family members in Harlem. This growing songwriter and rapper must prove his talent. He will be one of the top rappers in the world.

Few Interesting Facts about DD Osama

  • DD Osama has a social media account on Instagram with near about 1 million viewers. 
  • DD Osama is a young celeb and his songs like Without You are hot to open a new door for him to take his songs to the rest of the world. 
  • He has made his own Instagram profile to attract viewers. His online fan club earns more than 8000 followers. 
  • He has received caustic treatment from song critics regarding his indulgence in drug references in his latest music albums.
  • DD Osama is not static but progressive and dynamic. 
  • He has made his strong base to increase his viewership by giving a bundle of new songs to lure the teens. He is now an iconic figure in American rap music. 

What Are 3 Factors for DD Osama to Get Success?

DD Osama is a renowned known rapper. Though he is young, he has achieved success, rewards, and accolades to begin a new expedition in life. While being asked, this top American rapper gave 3 factors influencing his success. The first factor is the plan early. If you want to be a famous personality, you should not delay. Start your journey early. A lazy person has nothing important for him to complete. DD Osama age rapper has designed his future before touching 16. He made his debut singing the song Peter Pan. 

Secondly, consistency is a must to hold sway in your domain. To be a successful man, you should stick to your plan without interruption. The last factor is ambition and you should have optimism to do better things to reshape your future. You should depend on yourself without losing hope. 

DD Osama’s Net Worth 

DD Osama Age has now entered the global arena to compete as a hip-hop rapper. He has reached 10 million fans by singing his electrifying songs like Without You and Dead Ops. He made good earnings at a young age. According to reliable sources, this famous rapper has $5 million which has been earned from the music world. In the future, he will be a billionaire with excellent credit scores. A quick summary of his yearly earning will make clear how much he has collected proceeds from his professional career. 


  • DD Osama’s Net Worth In 2017 – $15,000
  • DD Osama’s Net Worth In 2018 – $45,000
  • DD Osama’s Net Worth In 2019 – $150,000
  • DD Osama’s Net Worth In 2020 – $250,000
  • DD Osama’s Net Worth In 2021 – $320,000
  • DD Osama’s Net Worth In 2022 – $400,000

Short Bio of DD Osama

NameDD Osama
Real NameDavid Reyes
AgeDD Osamas age -16 Years
BirthdayNovember 29, 2006
BirthplaceHarlem, NY
HometownHarlem, NY
Weight50 KG
BodyMeasurements (Approx.)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlack
Skin ToneFair
EducationHigh School
School NamePrivate School of Harlem, New York
College NameNot Known


DD Osama or David Reyes is a brilliant young rapper in America. Just after completing schooling at a high school in Harlem, he decided to become a singer. His parents gave him support to be a good performer. He has gifted a handful of top songs sung by him. He is a boy of multi-talents. On the other hand, he is also a humanitarian and philanthropist.

He has expressed his sorrow over the death of a young sibling. Dead Opps is the song that is the channel for him to vent his grief lamenting for the loss of his young lovely brother without being noticed. DD Osama’s short profile includes a lot of remarkable facts and events. He has a long way to drive his life to success.


Q: What are dd osama and ddot age?

A: DD Osama and ddot age is 16.

Q: Where does DD Osama live?

A: DD Osama resides with his mom in Harlem based in New York City.

Q: Which song sung by DD Osama tells about the tragic end of his young brother?

A: DD Osama has a sibling whom he lost. His latest album Dead Opps tells about the tragic story of his brother.

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