How to Hide the Emperors Child Review

In human society, there are many secrets that are not revealed. The social obligations, cast division, and conventional legacies work as barriers to prevent you from confession. How to Hide the Emperors Child is a fantastic manga story about an illicit and imperfect romantic expedition. E Astelle, the female protagonist tries her best to hide a secret concerning an unlawful entity. She is pregnant and bearing an unborn child who is not a perfect fit for an emperor.

The story describes how she is able to hoodwink the truth by using a number of mechanisms. The emperor sent his liegeman to detect the boy who is abandoned. He wants her to hush up the truth by shifting the baby to an unknown place to avoid chaos. In this short manga story, the author has given different methods or tricks to conceal the truth about the existence of a baby.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child?- First Mechanism

There are many complicated methods of hiding a baby illegally to steer clear of the drat. The emperor is strong and he does not want to let the child be visible in public. Astelle, the mother of the baby has thought of moving her baby to any unknown county where none is able to identify this little sweetheart. This is the first attempt by the emperor to trace the baby and move the kid to unfamiliar areas. It will be a very secret mission to bury the secret. This confinement or banishment to the far-flung area is painful but it is worth the effect to help them keep their social prestige high.

How to Hide the Emperors Child? Method -2

How to Hide the Emperors Child

Astelle became the wife of Kaizen for a single day. This unrevealed love affair gifted the couple a baby. She took the separation from Kaizen after pregnancy. The emperor left her alone. She went back to her own palace with the baby. After six years, the emperor ordered subjects to detect the baby for hiding to end the trauma. The empress does not want to hand over the child to him. So the second method of hiding the baby is to keep him out of sight.

If the baby is in disguise, it is not possible for the emperor to trace the baby for faster shifting to another country. She decided to cover the face of the child with a veil or mask so that none could do perfect identification of the baby. However, by doing it, the emperor may have been trapped ethically. The law does not permit any civilian to cover a child’s face with the black veil. It is unethical and injustice.

How to Hide the Emperors Child?- Method 3

The baby who is an imperfect entity should not be harassed or tortured. However, in this manga, the author has devised a number of tricksters to lighten up the situation by hiding the baby. The third method is related to the substitution. If the empress arranges another baby boy who is the replica of her real baby, it will be a solution. The emperor takes her alternative child as the real one. Here, this trick is not justified. The substitute baby will be shifted and marooned to the remote village. This rigorosity is caustic and unbearable for any child. How to Hide the Emperors Child is all about the revelation of the secret.

How to Hide the Emperors Child- Method 4

The last method how to hide the emperors child is to accept the hard reality. When it is not possible to send the baby into exile, it is a fact to stand in adversity. The emperor and empress should fight with the society. They must admit that they are the parents of this imperfect baby. The social acceptance will be damaged but it must be a battle for them. They will have to educate neighbors and friends to evaluate humans with the parameter of humanity. The child is not less important even though he is an unlawful baby.

How to Hide the Emperors Child 1-Summary and Analysis

How to Hide the Emperors Child 1 is the opening chapter with the entry of Astelle, the one-day empress of Kaizon. In the opening scene, Astelle is found morose and frustrated upon hearing the voice of Kaizon. The emperor married her for a single day. Then he declared that she was no longer his partner. The situation became worse when she came to know that the father of Kaizon was tossing on the bed for permanent departure from the earth.

He was about to expire. He wanted his son wed someone. Kaizon was not ready to accept her as the newlywed wife. She did not expect that the emperor would discard her. She loved him but he was not in the mood of recognizing her love. After a lot of confrontation, she planned to leave the palace with the unborn secret.

Six years passed, Astelle was working at a small bakery. Over there, mistress and Astelle were talking about the future prospect. In between, a young boy appeared with the news of the arrival of a group of soldiers to knock at the door of Astelle.

The dramatic scene is really interesting and full of suspense. The audience needs to wait for the next event to come. She assumed that the soldiers were hankering after her baby. Theor was in deep sleep on the bed. She was worried about how to save her child from the hands of the emperor. The suspense hangs over and it directs readers to go to the next episode to know the unknown. There is no oversight made by the author to create the situation. The rhythm is smooth to entertain the audience.


How to hide the emperors child manga is a tale about the unethical confession. A baby who was born imperfect needs to be exiled to a remote zone for hushing up the real truth about his birth originality. Astelle is the mother of this child and she never ruins her baby by hook or by crook. This Japanese manga gives different methods of hiding the baby for safety.

Undoubtedly, the story is interesting and full of twists and turns in different episodes. Misunderstanding often causes breakage in the relationship boosting the confrontation without any end. The emperor and his one-day wife should face the music boldly by confessing their guilt. 


Q: What is How to Hide the Emperors Child?

A: How to hide the emperors child is a type of romantic manga. It is a story about the confession of a secret regarding the birth of an unlawful boy.

Q: Who is Astelle in how to hide the emperor’s child?

A: Astelle in how to hide the emperor’s child is the one-day empress who bears an imperfect baby to rear after separation from the emperor.

Q: Who is Theor?

A: Theor is the son of Astelle who wants to rescue her baby from the emperor.

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