Nikke Advise Guide-What Is It? How Is It Helpful for Gamers?

Nikke Advise Guide is a multiplayer mobile game and it has many episodes to explore. Nikke is the female Samurai who is empowered to regain the lost ground from Raptures. Enemies are powerful and therefore Nikke soldiers need to be intelligent, cunning, and upgraded with weaponry. Goddess of Victory is a South Korean action-packed role-playing game. The developers of this game are Shift Up and Level Infinite, the publisher of the Nikke game. To earn more points, you need the Nikke Advise Guide. 

Step into a definitive handbook for exploring the lively universe of Nikke Advise Guide, the captivating portable game that has delighted players around the world.

What Is Nikke Advise Guide?

Nikke Advise Guide game is interesting and full of recreation to lure the audience. Nikke gun shooters are not humans but they are transformed into robotic elements with humanoid structures. They want to get back the lost victory by defeating powerful foes. The whole background story is based on revenge, action, and power-mongering.

Background of Nikke 

Nikke soldiers tried their best to overpower Raptures who took oath to demolish Earth. They spread their dominance by capturing all the hideouts of Nikke. Earlier, the battalion of male Nikke soldiers headed towards the den of enemies. Raptures were very much invincible and unbeaten. They were not weak anymore to stoop to their rivals. At that time, Nikke soldiers were enchanted by bad Raptures. They accepted the misfortunes which sent them to secret places for safeguards.

What Happened with Nikke? 

Male Nikke spies could not win because of a lack of war strategies, competency, and experience. They had no upgraded missiles. Male Nikke soldiers were humans with arms. Later, a few of them were forced to undergo brain transplantation to become robots. However, they failed to work better to snatch the victory from the hands of wicked Raptures.

What Was the Next Step to Take?

Nikke Advise Guide

The next step was a new horizon for Nikke to have success. This time, instead of male partners, female spies got the chance to become Nikke – robotic structures with feature-rich bodies. They had more ultra-modern hand-driven missiles and guns. They charged the batteries to annihilate the territories of Raptures. The war would be unforgettable forcing enemies to admit the subjection to the good force. Women are more advanced, intelligent, and clever. Finally, the female Samurai earned the title- Goddess of Victory. 

Nikke Characters

In Goddess of Victory, there are a group of five characters. All these Nikke soldiers are trained and obedient. The key manipulators work from behind to operate these Nikkie robots. Their brains were technically optimized for more efficiency and sharpness in analyzing data. They can shoot at enemies at any time. Within a faction of mili-second, these women could raid and make the city wreckage. 

Varied in Nature 

These five Nikke protagonists are varied in nature and taste. They are not similar humanoids. 

The Commander

He is considered to be the educated commander who completed his graduation from the Military Academy before taking the charge of Squad. He made it impossible to possible for pacification. His mission in the Ark was successful in keeping the city out of danger and insurgency.


She is one of the Squad members to join Counters. She is a female Nikke created by Elysion. She is modest and polite. She is a senior Nikke who participated in many missions in the past. She did not revolt even during tough times. She was a good Nikke who never betrayed her friends.


She is a typical funny character. This Nikke is frivolous and energetic. She plays tricks to amaze others. She is funny as well. Her sarcastic tone is very much interesting for the audience. She is also responsible with higher obedience towards superiors. She is not a fragile Nikke who knows how to steer clear of obstacles. 


She is the brainchild of Elysion who manufactured Neon. She believed in Firepower to showcase strength. She never backtracked home due to frustration and fear. She has vanity and pride. However, she can handle the adverse situation without lamenting for the loss. As a spy, she is remembered by her associates. She contributed a lot to a mission called Ingrid by outranking enemies. 


She is a dynamic maverick girl. She established a sweet bond between the commander and her. She helped her associates have the victory. Her other name is Modernia. She transformed herself from bad to good through the rounds of counseling. She joined Heretics, and then Ark . Right now, she is associated with another group called White Knights. She fought to free her associates from the jaw of Rapture. 

Advise Guide Nikke –How to Start?

The magnificent part of Advise Guide Nikke is the option for earning bonus points to have more leverage. By giving your consultation service to these Nikke characters, you can get rewards in the form of vouchers. Counseling is significant to reinforce Nikkes. Start your counseling to motivate every five characters of Goddess of Victory. Follow the tricks below. 

Hit Outpost 

Get ready to hit the Outpost section and then move to the Command Center. Over there you will find the Advise center.

Manage Outpost – Details 

Outpost is the platform for you to show your funda as a player. By unlocking the mystery of the stories of all five characters, you will enter into Outpost to have the best answers. Every character has a separate story which is mysterious to the audience. Slowly, you will advance to encounter other areas given below

  • Command Center
  • Outpost Defense
  • Infrastructure Core
  • Bulletin Board
  • Tactics Academy

Command Center

It is your next phase to explore. From Outpost, you need to go to the Command Center on your Android system. Here, you will see an office or home with full equipment. However, at this stage, you won’t meet anyone belonging to the Counters section. Just get accustomed to the homely environment of the private chamber. 

Outpost Defense 

To win, you will have to complete all five story stages to reinforce the battalion against Raptures. To optimize the quality of outpost defense, you should gather more collectibles like rewards, coins, and gifts to maximize the power-generating process. 

Infrastructure Core 

Unlocking chipsets, you will find more bonus points and rewards for resetting your Nikke team members for retaliation. It helps a player to have more perks. 

Bulletin Board 

Bulletin Board updates you about the new missions to complete. You should keep in touch with the bulletin boards for detailed information about the next expedition. 

Tactics Academy

Tactics Academy is a learning chapter for you. Gamers have to unlock more resources to develop their skill for gaining knowledge about Nikke. Upgrade yourself by unlocking various resourceful modes. 

Recollection Menu 

You need to open the menu section to reveal the hidden modes. Recollection mode has two tabs –main and brief encounters. 

Main Encounter Tab 

The main tab gives you a straight summary of the story’s events and plots. You need to learn about the themes and chains of events to know well about the game. 

Brief Encounter 

The brief encounter tab gives you quick access to all characters. You will talk to Nikkes to get more details about them. It will be easy for you to search for the perfect answer to boost them.

Bond Management Center 

The next phase is the Bond Management Center for counting Nikkes. There are five in a group. However, depending on their position and ranks, feel free to choose one by one for consultation. Your mentorship quality brings you a lot of points to fortify your arsenal. 

Lost Relics 

At this phase, you will come into contact with a hidden treasure trove. These assets give you facts about Raptures and Nikkes. All the collectibles are significant for the player. 

Importance of Advising 

Through the series of advising, you will be a winner to lead all five characters one by one. You must have the ability to give answers based on questions. You will have to search for the right answers so that the characters get more power to combat. For the correct answer, you are eligible to have 100 points, and 50 points for the wrong ones. For the reinforcement of five Nikkes, you should collect the right answers. 

What Is Bond Limit?

Nikke Advise Guide

There are certain bond limits from 10 to 40 depending on levels. For instance, Nikke’s maximum limit bond is 10. LB1 Nikke category can earn up to 20 bonds and LB 3 is selected for a maximum of 30 bonds. Pilgrim Nikke has permission to access 40 bond limits. 

Benefits of Using Nikke Advising Guide 

Nikke Advising Guide is a valuable educational tool for you to play the Goddess of Victory with peace of mind. Certainly, as a protagonist, you must handle a group of five Nikkes strategically to shoot the guns perfectly. You will be behind the curtain to manipulate them. Nikke Advise Guide is the resource for you to have the right answers to turbocharge all humanoid robotic structures like Neon and Marian. 

Improve Your Knowledge about Counseling 

You are the mentor to guide your spies for invading enemies with full force. You have the logistic aptitude and cognitive power to find the loopholes to repair. Track their weaknesses and try to advise them on how to become prompt to overcome adversity. By reading this Nikke Advise Guide, get more strategies, tricks, and information. 

Sharpen Your Game Play Ability

By checking Nikke Advise Guide, you will get out-of-box strategies and tricks for outperforming rivals. You are not familiar with secrets to the success. Here, the whole team is involved in knocking down the enemies by hook or by crook. Raptures are ferocious but they are under your control. By mugging up the new points and tips, you can play efficiently. 

Increase Your Energy Level 

You are the protagonist or commander to use Nikkes for victory against Raptures. They are also armored with sophisticated machinery, weapons, and artillery force to hanker after their antagonists. When you read the sets of tips in Nikke Advise Guide, you will have a roadmap for how to retaliate in adversity. The energy level increases to enable you to strike the hideouts. 

Expand Your Full Potential 

By reading Advise Guide, you have the full potential and confidence to move forward and have productive results. This particular guide helps you identify the right Nikke who must be your friend. Know about the character of this Nikke before tailoring the futuristic plan. 

Know about Gacha Rates Calculation 

Nikke Advise Guide

The Gacha system is popular among beginners and seasoned players. This system enables a gamer to earn rewards, and points by using game-in coins. There are various gacha rates such as 

  • 2-star: 5% rate
  • 3-star: 45% rate
  • 4-star: 40% rate
  • 5-star: 8.5% rate
  • 6-star: 1.5% rate

You should go through the guidelines mentioned in Advise Guide to have quick information about the following gacha rates calculation. 

Question Answer Sets

Gamers should choose the right answers from the Outpost section to get 100 points per answer. If you are not accurate in giving the right answer, you will get 50 points. Check the format with a handful of sample questions/answers. 

Character Stories

The advising session starts to assist gamers in having the right answers for the specific Nikke. There are five episodes for each Nikke. The first episode is unlocked at the start but other episodes are open at 3, 5,7, and 10 Bond levels. For each episode viewing, the gamer gets 50 gems. 


Gifts enhance the major attraction of Nikke. By giving them the wonderful gifts, you can make them more attractive. These gifts are available at the online in-game shops. You can purchase and hand over these gifts to Nikke to get the stamina to fight back. 

How Many Nikkies Can You Advise?

It is the thumb of rule that you should go to the outpost section and then to the Command Center page to select the advice tab. Then the page will take you to the Bond management center. By handpicking the specific Nikke, you will decide to give her advice or a gift.

What to Remember?

To have higher pulls and points, you need to be more familiar with the Nikkes. The Nikke Advise Guide resource gives you details about the likelihood of the characters in the action-packed role-playing game. If you are knowledgeable about the behavior of the Nikke, it is easy for you to give the perfect answer.

You can check current reviews, comments, and posts online about the characters. Every Nikke has a special story to unfurl. Certainly, you should have good character analysis skills to probe into five characters. It will give you a guide on how to pick up the right answer from the commander page. 

About Nikke 

Nikkes are robust and bold to attack Raptures who are not filtered. The skin of the Nikke has the sealant of Goddesium. It is an artificial skin texture that looks like natural human skin. You can feel the same by wearing Goddesium.

The blood color of an early version of Nikke is green. The problem is that previous prototype models suffered from cognitive disorders. They did not think like humans. Therefore, the next-gen Nikkies have red blood without any discordance in the thinking process. 

Overweight – A Concern

Being overweight is a concern for old models which were burdensome. They wore heavy gear with in-built missile launchers to shoot. They could not swim in the lake water. They had to wait for the next alternative to cross the river by riding boats.

Later, the modifications took place urgently to modify the humanoid structures by lessening the burden. These modern Nikkes are equipped with lightweight costumes and hand-driven portable weapons. They are also seasoned warriors to face any challenge. 

More Intelligent

Compared to an old variant, the latest next-gen Nikkes are more intelligent. After brain transplantation, they can give you quick answers. They are not victims of psychotic discordance. They have superior skills and technical knowledge to operate sophisticated guns and ammunition. 


Nikke Advise Guide develops your gaming experience by offering you tons of tricks. To play Goddess of Victory, you should have a high level of competency. All Nikke soldiers are versatile and efficient to charge back for victory. They are not humans but robots. With the proper Nikke Advise Guide, you can reach your target by winning more points at various levels


Q: What is Nikke Advise Guide?

A: Nikke Advise Guide is a straightforward educational tool for you to gather more details about the Goddess of Victory game.

Q: How is the Nikke Advise Guide helpful for you?

A: Nikke Advise Guide is a resourceful guide to enable you to know about Nikke characters. It gives you tricks to win.

Q: What is the genre of Goddess of Victory?

A: Goddess of Victory is a type of action and adventure.

Q: Who is Nikke?

A: Nikke is a fictitious character in Goddess of Victory. There are five characters called Nikkes. They are female spies.

Q: Is Nikke a human?

A: No next gen Nikke is a robot with a humanoid body.

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