Exploring the Benefits of Private Jet Charter Services

Have you ever flown first class and thought it doesn’t get better than this? It’s an experience of leisure that’s generally reserved for people with money. However, another air travel option is available for people with significant financial means. Have you ever thought about chartering a private jet?

In recent years, the air travel industry has been turned on its head, with most of the blame on commercial airlines that lost their collective ways. While private jet charters out of Van Nuys, California, cost real money, they also offer real benefits. If you are interested in charting a private jet for personal or business air travel, here are some benefits you might derive from this choice.

Goodbye to Airport and Airline Inconveniences

The big knock against commercial air travel has always centered on the inconveniences it creates. The ever-growing list of commercial air travel inconveniences includes:

  • Long check-in lines that require travelers to get to the airport four (4) hours ahead of flight time
  • Delayed flights that seem to occur for no reason at all
  • Massive canceled flights all over the country when weather conditions creep up in smaller sections of the country
  • Lost luggage
  • rude treatment by staff

With a Van Nuys private jet charter, you would have more control and could avoid all of these possible inconveniences.

Opportunity to Set your Flight Itinerary for Private Jet

Chartering a private jet would allow you to set the itinerary. That would include control over destinations when flights leave and how long the jet would be anchored in destination airports. You can also estimate arrival times based on the jet’s type and size.

Access to Amenities That Make Traveling Comfortable

Given the amount you would have to pay for a charter jet, you would undoubtedly expect to fly in luxury. Flying in luxury involves access to amenities specifically designed to provide comfort. Here are some of the amenities that private air travelers seem to prefer:

  • Big spacious seating
  • Sleeping quarters and showering access
  • Choice of food and beverages
  • Meeting and work areas for business travelers
  • Fewer restrictions and limits on luggage and cargo
  • Wi-Fi and cell phone access

Access to Rural Airports

Commercial airlines are big and require commercial-size airport landing strips for landing. If your ultimate destination were in a smaller rural area, you would have to invest time and money trying to get from a commercial airport to where you want to be.

Since private charter jets are smaller and a lot more agile, they can access rural and private airports that might be closer to your final destination(s).

Privacy – You Select the Travel Party

When you fly commercially, you have no control over who is on the flight. A rowdy flight could be disruptive to a business traveler. Too many people on a flight could make napping difficult, even on an international flight. By chartering a private jet, you can eliminate issues related to your traveling companions.

You would get to decide who gets on the jet. You get to decide how many people get on the jet. You get some control of the travel environment. It’s fair to say that privacy is your favorite benefit if you don’t like crowds.

Feel Like a King/Queen – Personalized Treatment

The moment you walked onto a private charter jet, you would feel it. You would immediately recognize something special was about to happen. What would make you feel like a king or queen is your control over the traveling process, with the crew standing by to serve your needs within reason. You would get to call the shots in terms of the where, when, why, who, and how many. That’s what you would get for your financial investment.


Once you find out the cost of your private jet charter, it is up to you to decide if the potential benefits outweigh the costs. If they do, you might realize that chartering a private jet is the only way to travel. The same thing has happened to many affluent travelers before you and will happen to many more travelers in the future.

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