Learn About Instagram Widget And How To Use It For Your Website

It is a common sight to witness budding brands and businesses search for relevant platforms to make the most of their marketing efforts and enjoy maximum results.

Over the years, social media platforms have garnered a lot of attention from not just their users but also from evolving brands and marketers. Noticing its tremendous potential, social media has transformed to become the main marketing touchpoint for them to widen their reach, and promote their products or services to their potential customers.

Talking about social media and its platforms, the popular name that pops up in everyone’s head is Instagram. This platform, which came into the picture as a photo-sharing platform has evolved into a leading marketing platform for brands. Brands have begun to use an Instagram widget on their website and if you are unaware of what it is, then this post is for you.

Make your way to the end of this post to get an insight into everything about the Instagram widget and how it can be embedded on your website.

Introduction To Instagram Widget

Instagram widget is a popular tool that came into existence for offering brands a chance to grow their business and make it more successful. Simply put, an Instagram widget allows its users to leverage Instagram content and showcase it on various platforms including the brand’s website.

The tool enables the users to collect and curate content from various connection types like hashtags, profiles, mentions, etc. Depending on the tool chosen, the users can use additional features like customization options to make the Instagram widget more attractive. A responsive tool like Taggbox Widget also enables the brands to moderate the content before making it live on their website.

Other features of the tool include advanced analytics, custom CSS, automatic updates, and an active back-support team for assistance.

This strategy has widely been adopted by the users due to its spectacular benefits which you will get to know as you keep reading.

However, mentioned in the next section are a few ways to use Instagram widget on the website to garner maximum attention.

How To Use Instagram Widget On Your Website?

●Display it on the homepage

The homepage is like the face of your website and the first interaction point between you and your potential customers.  It is where your customers get an insight into what your brand stands for and would offer to them.

Hence, it is crucial to make a positive first impression on your website visitors to catch their attention and engage them. Instagram, being such a vibrant platform holds the potential to boost the engagement of your website. Further embedding the content would instantly revamp the entire look of your homepage and grab the attention of your visitors.

 ●Use it as a sidebar widget

Another great way of using an Instagram widget on your website is by embedding it as a sidebar widget. This works great especially when you have an ongoing sale or are offering a special discount to your customers.

This way the website visitors can go through your main content and also get to know about your latest or upcoming deals or special offers.

●Embed it in blogs

While blogs are a highly informative piece of content, reading only texts in one go can be quite boring and mundane for your visitors.

Embedding Instagram feed widget between the blogs would be a breather for your website visitors and keep the content fresh and more lively.

●Showcase it on the footer section

Brands often tend to ignore the footer section of the website and do not pay any attention to its content part, however, just like the other sections, the footer of a website is equally important.

Apart from displaying the social media icons, contact information, privacy policy, etc., you can also embed anInstagram widget to increase the effect and impact of the website.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Widget On The Website

At this stage, if you are wondering how this strategy would help you in the long run, then mentioned below are a few key points.

●Increase the engagement on your website

Increasing audience engagement on the website can be quite a tedious task that cannot be achieved easily. As mentioned earlier, people enjoy scrolling through their Instagram feeds and spend quite a substantial amount of time on the platform, embedding it on the website would interest your website, visitors.

Additionally, it would push your visitors to increase their dwell time leading to more overall engagement.

●Enhance the overall look of your website

Being a visual platform, Instagram is widely accessed by its users due to its stunning presence. When you embed the content on your website, you bring a lot of vibrancy to your website. This helps in immediately improving the overall look and presentation of your webiste.

●Display User-Generated Content to gain trust

Instagram is a hub of User-Generated Content. Millions of people daily post content on their Instagram handles and tag brands to show their loyalty and how much they have liked the product.

More than 85% of prospects, use User-Generated Content before finalizing a brand, and embedding an Instagram widget on the website would work brilliantly for gaining the trust and confidence of your potential customers!

Final Thoughts

We are calling it a wrap and you are aware of the significance of using the Instagram widget on your website. Additionally, you are also well acquainted with the ways to use it on your website.

Go on now, adopt this strategy and watch your brand grow!

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