Shannon Sharpe Wife: Know about Shannon’s Relationship/Career/Siblings/Kids

After reaching the top level of one’s career, one is considered to be a much sought-after fellow. He is a genius to go to that extent when people like to enquire about his professional life, personal dating affairs, likelihood, etc. Shannon Sharpe is such a legendary tight-end player in football and soccer. He is a celebrity. He represented the Denver Broncos soccer team. So, everybody wants to know about Shannon Sharpe wife and how he leads his life amid a hectic work schedule without taking the least relaxation. Shannon Sharpe Wife is very beautiful and he loves her very much.

Information should be screened to make a final decision about whether he has any sweetheart in his life. He is a hardcore footballer and sports analyzer. Discover him in a new way as a soccer player, football enthusiast, and philanthropist. 

Who Is Shannon Sharpe?

Shannon Sharpe is now a popular social media influencer who is a big boss for his fans. His photos are posted on Instagram and other social media platforms. He is famous for his awesome skill as a tight-end defender and wide receiver. He takes faster passes from the quarterback and then proceeds to switch off the center position blocking the way to his own defense. The opponent player is not able to send the ball going past overhead. He is the blocker to resist the opponent. 

Quick Information about the Birth Details of Shannon Sharpe 

Shannon Sharpe, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, was born on 26th June in 1968. He is a successful NFL soccer player who is now 54 years old man as of 2022. Pete and Mary Alice Dixon are his parents. During his childhood period, he had to bear the loss of parental love due to the legal separation between Dixon and Pete When he was just 3 months old in the hammock, his parents parted with him after divorce.

When he was 8, his father expired due to cancer. He was alone to fight back for establishing his life on a strong foundation. He became a well-known international soccer player. Though he was also a basketball expert, later he decided to opt for soccer and football playing. 

Shannon Sharpe and His Education 

Shannon Sharpe is not interested in research and education. When he was a boy, he tried to work hard to perform well in soccer tournaments. He had the dream of becoming a good soccer player. However, he completed his higher studies in criminal law. He continued to play in his favorite football team without taking his profession as a lawyer. 

Who Is Shannon Sharpe Wife?

Ultimately, there is no specific detail about Shannon Sharpe wife. Shannon is a middle-aged sportsman with a bold athletic figure. He is proud of getting stuck to his football career. He has no wife till now. He is not married to any woman after dating. After thorough research, experts have concluded that he dated a woman named Katy Kellner.

She stayed with him for a few months. However, there was a quick end to Katy Kellner Shannon Sharpe wife love affair episode. She cheated on this man. She has a son fathered by another guy. She is no longer interested in him. After she left him, he is alone without thinking of getting married once again. 

Shannon Sharp Wife- Facts You Don’t Know 

Shannon Sharpe Wife

A ton of rumors about the untold scandal of Kellner have spread like fire. Shannon Sharp told his associates in a private interview that he was not fit for dating. His world is football and he does not want to get out of that situation. On being asked, he confessed that he would not be a perfect gentleman for the young lady.

He had the bad experience of meeting a fitness trainer named Kellner. The first conversation was fruitful but the foundation of the love was weak. This lady had affairs with a business partner. She is the mother of a child fathered by that guy. 

Katy Kellner, the ex-girlfriend of Shannon, was born in 1981. She started her career by joining Fulton County Public School as a teacher. Later, she planned to become a fitness trainer at the multi-facility gym center. She founded Oak Gym in collaboration with her business partners.

Marlon Bryd helped her fulfill her dream of opening a new luxurious gym. After the breakup from Shannon, she is now in a more stable romantic relationship with Luis Castillo. Even Shannon Sharp wife has become the regional director to supervise Flywheel Sport s and Cycle Bar.

Quick Trivia of Shannon’s Wife 

NameKaty Kellner
Age42 Years Old
BirthdayApril 22, 1981
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height5 feet 6 inches
OccupationFitness trainer
Marital StatusMarried
Net worth$1 million

Who Is Daughter Shannon Sharpe Wife?

The reality is that Shannon Sharpe has no legal wife as he has not recognized any woman as his legal wife. He found Katy in 2016 at a gym center. He dreamt of dating her for permanent settlement but in reality, it was not successful dating. Since then, he was involved with many women without marrying them.

He has several children who are the outcome of different relationships. Kayla, the elder daughter Shannon Sharpe wife, was born in 1992 and she completed her pre-law course at a top college based in Georgia. Right now, his elder daughter is a top HR business partner working at Phoebe Putney Health System. Besides, Shannon has a son named Kayla and Kaley- a young daughter. 

Shannon Sharpe’s wife is no longer in a relationship with him. She doesn’t have a connection with Shannon’s other children. She is a fitness trainer and she is happy with her own business. 

Shannon Sharpe and His Soccer Career – A Quick Glimpse at 

Shannon is an energetic man with superiority in basketball and soccer. Though he started his career as a basketball player, he switched his career by opting for soccer. He was screened and selected by Denver Broncos after his performance in the seventh round of the 1990 NFL draft. He was a competent and aspiring tight-end receiver to defend the team.

His job was to block the passes coming from the opponent players. He played and represented Denver Broncos for 10 seasons. In between, his team won Super Bowl two times. Sharpe decided to change the team and move to the Baltimore Ravens in 2000. He was booked for playing 2 seasons. Later, he returned Broncos and played till his retirement in 2004. 

Sharpe bagged three Super Bowls within the span of 14 seasons. In addition, he earned 8 Pro Bowl trophies and won four First TeamAll-Proo honors. Compared to other players, he ranked third in position. His performance in receptions, touchdowns,s and receiving yards as a tight end player is awe-inspiring. He was able to reach 10,000 receiving yards. 

Untold Story of Shannon Sharpe 

Shannon Sharpe has an untold and unrevealed story to share. He is a good sportsman and he has earned a lot of accolades and credits. However, his romantic life is not stable and cool. In between, he has hushed up a secret about his personal life. He is a cancer survivor with an infection in the prostate. He does not disclose his sad story.

He clarified that he would have a problem sharing his sorrow with children. They would break in despair and frustration. He is under medical checkups and screening for faster relief from pain. He is not ready to frustrate his family members who are always cooperative to assist him for faster health improvement

Shannon Sharpe Wiki/Height/Body Weight/Age-Mini Bio

Full nameShannon Goad Sharpe
Date of birth26 June 1968
Age 54 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac signCancer
Place of birthChicago, Illinois, United States
Current residenceAtlanta, United States
Sexuality Straight
Heightin feet 6’2’’ Height in centimetres187
Weightin pounds 227 Weight in kilograms 103
Hair color Black
Eye colorBlack
Relationship statusSingle
ChildrenKayla, Kaley, Kiari from different relationships
Father Pete Sharpe (Biological )
Mother Mary Alice Dixon (Biological)
SiblingsSterling, Sherra
EducationSavannah State University
Profession Former NFL player, sports analyst
Net worth$14 million


Shannon Sharpe is a devotee of sports and soccer. He inspires his juniors to play football for getting more energy. Football is his passion. However, his romantic life is not stable but stormy. He is not married. There is a dispute over Shannon Sharpe’s wife as he did not get success in his marital life. After dating, Katy divorced him as he was in a relationship with a business partner. 


Q: Who is Shannon Sharpe?

A: Shannon Sharpe is a soccer player and he has won a number of trophies and prizes.

Q: Who is Katy?

A: Katy is the ex-girlfriend of Shannon Sharpe. She left him as she had her husband.

Q: What is the net worth of Shannon?

A: $14 million estimated by experts.

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