Basic Information about Percentage Point

Percentage point is a mathematical theory that refers to the difference between two percentages. In various fields like economics, healthcare, statistics, and numerical calculation, you will use terms like percent, percentage, and percentage points. This article gives you a summary of the different uses of these numerical terms and how they work to calculate the differences. 

What Is a Percentage Point?

Percentage point shows the comparison between two or more percentages. People often opt for percentage points to analyze any survey report and charts in numbers. For instance, the literacy campaign began in California last year with a promising rise in literacy by 25 percent. The next year it rose by 30 percent. So, the percentage point is the difference between 30 and 25 percent or 5 percent. 

What Is Percent?

Percent and percentage are not the same. Percent means the 100th or a fraction of the total 100. If you say 20 percent of people prefer tea, that means, 25 members of 100 choose coffee comparatively. This is the portion of the whole. 


Percentage is used alternatively to percent. It indicates the number of the portion- a part of the whole. 25 percentages is the proportion or ratio. 

How to Write Percentage Point?

In many cases, it is a must to prepare financial budgets along with numerical calculations. The government and other NGOs host various campaigns to do the surveys. They write the footnotes reading the total population is 40 percent which has increased by 2 percentage point. People should know how to write percentage points to show the total unit of numerical differences. Usually, the percent point is written in abbreviated forms like pp or %pt. if the 5 percent point is out of the difference between 30 and 25 percent, you can write 5pp or 5%pt. 

In the case of percentage, it is the % symbol. You can type % on your keyboard to show 4% -decrease or increase. Adult education increases by 4%. Similarly, you can say the literate groups decreased by 5%. In this connection, you can check sample charts on how to use percentages, percentage symbols, and percentage points

Percentage Points to Be Indicative of Risks 

When you survey several groups to prove the current proportion (both increase and decrease), you should opt for the percentage points. The risks or probabilities are also hinted at by using percentage points in numerical figures. The risk of spread of the corona virus was alarmingly high in 2019 say 50 percentage but the number of infections went down by 20 percentage in 2020. The variance should be marked by doing a simple calculation to express the difference. So, you should mention in this way that from 2019 to 2020, the risk of coronavirus infection is 30%pt (50-20). So, the total risk factor is 30 percentage point. 

 Percentage Points Describing the Unit of Changes 

During election time, many parties fight for winning to have the power of administration to rule the government. These parties join the voting campaigns to have the highest support for getting back the electoral power. The newspapers and news channels give you updates on how many voters a leading party wins outranking the rivals. It is a critical situation to express the change in the percentage.

For example, the social democratic party in America goes ahead with the voting bank of 35 % of voters whereas the opponent party can restore 40% of voters. Here, 5 percentage point voters are added to the rival group which is 40 + 5 percentage. So, the opponent party has the confidence of winning 45% votes to claim the winner. This five-percentage point is the unit of change. 

Steph Curry 3 Point Percentage

Steph Curry 3 Point Percentage is a math work to calculate his successful basketball game playing career. How many attempts did he make to have the 3-point percentage to defeat the rival group? It is a different calculation. He is a great basketball player who has helped his team to win several times. His 3 point percentage is 42.5. By checking a chart, you can assume Steph Curry 3 Point Percentage graph. To have the example, you should visit the site which updates people regularly by giving the charts.

Lebron James 3 Point Percentage Summary 

Lebron James 3 point percentage overview is described by experts. The summary states that in 2023, his 3-point percentage career is 40.8%. This result is a little bit bad to put him in trouble. However, he is still in a good position. 

Highest 3-Point Percentage

Various online statistics reports give you a straight summary of highest 3 Point Percentage which is the highest 3-point score for the player. The index goes up and then takes a nosedive to go below the highest point. You can easily learn about the fluctuation in the soccer career of a specific player. Steve Kerr, Hubert Davis, and Luke Kennard hold prestigious positions with excellent highest 3-point percentage scores. They are well-known soccer players whose career graphs have maximum wins with success rates. 

Online Calculation

Right now, experts have smart calculators that are fast to calculate different percentile figures including the highest 3-point percentage. This mobile support software is AI-based to give you quick updates. To prepare the stat report and data chart, you need to take advantage of the fast 3-point percentage calculator. 


Percentage point is a common term and its user-friendliness increases in various data chart analyses, and data comparisons. In sports, healthcare, politics, and the economy, you will be familiar with easy numerical terms like percent, percentage, and percentile. 


Q: What is percent?

A: Percent is a small part of the whole lie one hundredth.

Q: What is the percentage?

A: Percentage refers to the numerical unit of proportion or fragment. It is an alternative to percent.

Q: What is a percentage point?

A: Percentage point is the total unit of the change in the difference between two percentages.

Q: Where to use percentages?

A: In budgets, data charts, and numerical calculations, experts use percent, percentage, and 3point percentage terms.

Q: Why do you need to use percentile?

A: For various numerical data comparisons, you can use percentile terms.

Q: Is there any tool to calculate the percentage and 3point percentage?

A: The mobile app with AI support is helpful for numerical calculation.

Q: Is it free to use an online calculator?

A: Yes, it is free to access.

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