Nano Machine 143– Get Basic Information

Nano Machine 143 chapter is the unpublished piece which is the extension of previous chapters of Nano Machine. It is a webtoon in the Korean language. Jeolmu Hyeon and Geum Gangbulgoe are the creators of this tiniest machine. This manga is interesting because the audience finds spices of action, struggle, romance, and comical elements too. 

Nano Machine 143 Chapter- Opening Scene 

The Nano Machine 143 chapter is the last part of the whole manga in the Korean language. Mun Ku’ is considered to be a heroine or protagonist in this drama. She is a descendant of Nanomachine. Biologically, she is also the heir of Mun Yun who is a member of the Demonic Cult. Mun Ku is the granddaughter of Yun and therefore there is a sweet relationship between the two heirs. The story reaches the climax when Mun Ku decides to join Cheon Yeo Woon- a street boy or orphan. They lived in the Demonic Academy. 

Nano Machine 143 – Background 

Cheon Yeo Woon is an unlucky boy who has no parents. While staying in his home, he received a stranger whose connection with the Demonic Cult society was established. This newcomer tried to motivate Woon by using a nano device. His brain became powerful and faster with the installation of such a nano kit for direct manipulation. His attitude changed a lot to make him a giant with razor-sharp brain. Nano Machine 143 will engage people by delivering real-time adventure. 

Nano Machine 143 Chapter- Summary 

Nano Machine 143

There is no information about the release date of Nano Machine 143 chapter. The author and publisher did not open their lips to say about the content of this last chapter. Readers wait for the publication of the 143rd chapter of the webtoon. However, the continuity of the story does not stop. It is a science fiction with a lot of new things in the novel.

Mun Ku who is the relative of Mun Yun – an associate of the Demonic Cult has a unique role in the story. She participated in the Demonic Academy to learn martial arts under the care of Woon. She has the dream of achieving the yellow belt/tag after defeating the powerful opponent. It is an action-packed manga that has sketched the regality of manliness and valor. 

Nano Machine 143 Chapter- Mystery behind the Reality

Mun Ku in Nano Machine 143 Chapter is an important character whose role in this webtoon is worth the value. The fact is that she faced a power struggle in her community. She had to tackle the rivalry with six clans who challenged her through the straight fighting. Being a member of the Demon Dragon clan, she had to prove her competence and skill in martial arts.

Though she was qualified in the first test, she denied participating in the second and third tests consecutively. Six clan members (when Cheon Kungwun, Cheon Wonryou, Cheon Mukeum, and Cheon Yuchan ) are stubborn to force her to appear at the next trial to be qualified as the head of the clan. 

Strong Denial 

Mun Ku did not show her interest in the heir-ship competition. She had a different story to reveal. She always wears musk to cover her face. She resembled her twin brother. Therefore, she preferred hushing up her true gender. In actuality, she projected herself as a boy–twin to her brother. She is in disguise as a boy whose face is not detected or identified.

However, the misery doubled up with the arrival of Cheon Yuchan. He was arrogant and wild in anger. On hearing the denial of Mun Ku to participate in the upcoming competition, he attacked her. She received untold injuries to her legs and arms. Her mishap is inexplicable.

The Entry of Woon – An Orphan

Woon’s arrival in the scene has given the audience a jolt to bear. He is an expert in martial arts. When he met Yuchun, he got tough treatment from his rival. He lost his temper and pounced upon Yuchun and cut his hands severely. She got the news of such ill-treatment that happened to Yuchun. The situation became easy and normal. She went to Woon for his assistance. She was lame and there she did not get a chance to seek admission to any other martial school. Woon is the trainer who has a group of martial arts players. He gave her the conditions to join the team. 

True Facts Came to Light 

She is not a boy but a girl. When six clan members directed her family to send the right boy for training, she took the offer. She had to accept their overture because her twin brother was mentally feeble. He had no seriousness to learn the complicated martial art. His mental calmness is low and destabilized. Therefore, she covered her face with a scarf to hide her true facial expression. At Woon’s academy, he asked her to show different muscle movements.

She had to undress her face to showcase her facial expressions. He came to know that she was none but the girl. After the revelation of her true identity, she got permission to work with Ja Wu-Min, Ko Wang-Hur, Baek Gi, and Hu Bong.

Nano Machine 143 Chapter- The Era of Scientific Revolution 

Nano Machine 143 Chapter is extremely adventurous though there is no official announcement of the publication of this last chapter. Still, readers are inspired to read this manga online. Their inquisitive mind boosts them up to grope for the extraordinary nanomachine which is self-operated. Humans lose their gripe over the machines that are independent of work. They are equipped with hi-tech nanotools to automate the process of knowledge generation. People will have to understand this technological innovation and its importance in human society. 

Future Prospect 

In the future, the next generation will have more AI-enabled portable machinery to execute their orders. There will be no manual systems to operate the machines. Instead, the dominance of superhumans over society will be palpable enhancing the start of the nano technology. Children are attracted to upgrading themselves to live in such a sophisticated milieu. They must cope with such complicated nanotechnology in the future. 

Nano Machine Chapter 143- Brewing up Romantic Relationship

Nano Machine chapter 143 is yet to be published for manga readers. However, the joint participation of Mun Ku and Woon in tackling the situation is also significant. The audience feels relaxed due to the removal of the tension. In the academy, she had to share the bed with Woon. The night seems to be warm for the partners to have a romantic feel. Though she was not prepared to face the critical situation, she had to surrender herself to the hero.

The kissing episode is adventurous to provoke the audience. Both of them were excited to hug each other for the warmth of the romance. This closeness reinforced the purpose of staying in the academy to take revenge against the culprit. 

Nano Machine ch 143

Nano Machine ch 143 is a new extension of the 142 chapter of the story. The author keeps the audience in uncertainty about the progression of the story. What will be present in the next chapter 143? According to experts, the author will bring more resources for people. The power would be distributed among the group of members of the academy. The six clan rivals try to wipe out the existence of Mun Ku by inviting her for straight fighting.

She backtracked as if she had no masculinity to prove. She is a lady whose physical competence is low compared to men. She asked for immediate backup from Woon to terminate the evil force. She would be the new leader to control her academy with honor.

Nano Machine Chapter 143 Release Date

Though the release date of the 143 chapter of this novel was in August 2023, there is no specific update about the development of the plots to create the 143 chapter. The author holds people for waiting to have the release update. When this final chapter is uploaded on the site, people will not waste time. They will download this 143 chapter for instant content reading. Keep your eyes open to get notifications about the Nano Machine chapter 143 release date next month. 

Where to Read Nano Machine 143?

Nano Machine 143

Read nano machine 143 chapter on your mobile device like an Android home screen. Millions of enthusiasts like to hang on for reading all chapters of this Nano Machine manga. For them, the online story-reading site is available for free. This streamer app is ready for you to open the manga series to go through all chapters step by step. The content is qualitative and colorful to pop up on the screen. Viewers enlarge the frame to enjoy the online manga story reading with passion.

Download Nano Machine ch 143

By downloading Nano Machine ch 143, children can spend their time reading the content offline. There is no hassle for you to keep your internet on for story reading. Simply, open the downloaded page on the system and start your expedition. 

Nano Machine Chapter 143 –English Version

Nano Machine Chapter 143 will also hit the market in English. This is Korean drama but the book is also ready in English. People who do not know the Korean language are also able to get a copy in the international language. 

Google Translator 

Google Translate is another alternative for readers to translate the original scripts into different languages. You can convert Nano Machine Chapter 143 and other episodes in your mother tongue. 

Nano Machine Chapter 143- What Do You Learn?

The Nano Machine143 is not a delinked episode but it is interlinked with the main story. People are transforming their lifestyles to lead more comfortably. Their adaptability to advanced nanotechnology, AI, and more powerful systems opens a new epoch to explore. Children will have innovative ideas about complicated tools and apps. Their knowledge about the nanomachine and AI will be improved.

So, this type of Korean manga is a lesson for children to be familiar with top advanced tools and technologies. Society needs more skillful technocrats who must be competent to handle AI and nanomachines brilliantly. The author motivates kids to study deeply and do extensive research to have command over machines. 


Man does not stop learning. He is creative in creating more multifunctional tools for controlling the world. Nano Machine is the webtoon series that must highlight the age of nanotechnology and innovation. That means this manga gives you a preview of the future of science to shape the world dynamically. Same way, Nano Machine Chapter 143 reveals the secret to the creation of a new society for humans propelled by Nano machines. You should decide how to handle the machine for a noble cause.


Q: What is Nano Machine Chapter 143?

A: Nano Machine Chapter 143 is not published but it will be added to the Nano Machine novel.

Q: What is a nano machine?

A: Nano machine is a miniature tool that is automated with AI support to respond and act like human beings.

Q: What is the theme of Nano Machine Chapter 143?

A: Nano Machine Chapter 143 is a part of the whole novel. It is yet to reach people. However, the story is based on nanotechnology and its impact.

Q: What is the release date of Nano Machine Chapter 143?

A: The release date of Nano Machine Chapter 143 is not confirmed.

Q: Who reads Nano Machine Chapter 143?

A: Nano Machine Chapter 143 is a science-fiction and it is suitable for people without age bars.

Q: In which language has Nano Machine Chapter 143 been published?

A: Nano Machine Chapter 143 is an unpublished chapter. However, the original novel is written in the Korean language.

Q: Is Nano Machine Chapter 143 available in English?

A: Nano Machine Chapter 143 will also be available in English and other languages.

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